vyloveno z archívu II. (1Q 2001)


bad bad news: my favourite radio jih (radio south) was sold. the new owners want the radio to be far more commercial. that also means: show of peter pea called progresso is closed… oh damn, i feel nostalgic – in this show (in those days yet called „club overground“) laid the roots to rachot and without rachot there would be no music massage, no goodstuff… so that easter ’99 live trackers special was a break point in my life… ;) i mean it. bye piwas, and good luck in the ‚new‘ radio. kick their stoopis asses ;] also check results of czech dance music awards – petr mikovec is a guy, that was in 99 participating on rachot too… funny – seems that everyone i know has made it big. only i am still a loser ;]


thursday: still ill (tonsillitis to be exact). an interesting news: first virus made for both windows and linux platform (it’s not destructive and it was sent to anti-virus developers). but the indeed funny fact: i know its creator. it’s a group 29A with its roots in brno, czech rep. – my hometown :) so my congratulations to those guys ;] keep up the good work… also some hiho to kerray, who was playing tonite on radio krokodýl. nice stuff, pal :)


the monday evening resulted into a massive hangover. no wonder – too much boozing ;) thus yesterday i was able only to went to creative writing – and that was very interesting. but today i felt ill, and when i went to my allergist i recieved tons of pills and such stuff. the worse news is, that for the army i’m healthy enough to be able to join the forces. that’s of course damn stupid as i don’t intend to spend my best days there. but we’ll see what can the whole family (and our contacts) do about it. now i have been watching the german movie „knockin‘ on heaven’s door“. nice one :)


the test turned up great – 10 of 10 points :) yesterday i’ve found some interesting links on luka’s page, he’s also releasing his ‚z veseljem‘ trax – check it here. today a literature evening about stanisław lem is held. and yeah – i have changed my ‚respect‘ page: now you can see pages of my friends. + lukash added :]
on not that bright topic – this happened today.

luke the wizard: the sound of katacoloured stars one of the 'z veseljem' trax. deffinitely a MUST :)


i tried to make the interview with cs_zvuk guys :) but it was too strange to be useful. so i rather finish rearrangeing charms‘ site – check the result – i think it’s not just cute, but also uselful and again – the link part is the most complete i’ve ever seen. :)

smash: time passed by take it as a preview of the incmoing smash's music massage special


yesterday i saw jana – she seems to be just fine and i’m happy for it. i wanted to see two films, but the first one was booked up. i bought a ticket for the other one and in the meanwhile went to check my mail. three oh so nice mails waiting there… infact i hope this is an evidence – something’s changing in my mind… getting better if i shall judge.
then the dutch thriller about drug smugglers called ‚leak‘. there was also petr sič and afterwards we’ve had a stunning crossfire. wow… it’s important to have partners for such a dialog. also his absinth was yummy :)
now it’s understandable that i’ve slept till noon today :)

myownemail is hotmail too common for ya? wanna some more interesting email addy? like bigboy@pulp-fiction.com? just go get that :)


upgrading charms’s page to new knihomolna look (+ adding links etc), also thinking about putting all my texts on this page somewhere. maybe as an easter egg? anyway – no time for it now. ‚tamto‘ staff is waiting for my articles :) i’ll better go to bed now… my sister is sleeping by her friend, so no quarells about ‚turn that stupid light finally off‘ :) if you search for ‚adamm‘ in google, i’m on the top…


during weekend i rearranged my room a bit – infact i just wanted to tidy it up a bit, but then… :) on monday there was an interesting german movie on tv. i’ve also managed (heh, i hope) to write the european integration test. yesterday i’ve had my hair cut. but still not that much :) then i was with katka in café and it was… interesting :) today i’m going to upload the orwell’s page – i believe this page is one of the biggest – also in comparsion with all english pages. the link section covers more than 15 languages! check it here. in brno a festival of european movies takes place. thus next two days will be spent in cinema :)
is that possible? it’s snowing outside and my sister won a brno high schools‘ literature contest! (both is NOT a joke)

the orb: the orb’s adventure beyond the ultraworld smooth techno/ambient/idm wonder. this is the first album, now go catch the last!
audiogalaxy forget about napster. download your own sattelite and get all the music you've ever wanted.


it’s almost 5 in the morning… i’m still uploading last music massage (no.020!). yesterday there was finally an article about knihomolna… the article was ok – but the most important fact – the address of the page – was missing. ;]


well, yesterday was a very nice day! started with bodyrock instead of pe and games – our teacher was ill and the other one is kind of stallone like killer ;) today i felt each of my muscles… quite a bizzare situation: my mum couldn’t go to her lesson on study of religions (she’s a student, not a teacher) and because she should have read a paper, she told me to do it instead of her. so i did that ;] then a funny lesson of creative writing and then literature evening on leitnerka. and i must admit, this time it really kicked ass. heard several great poems… afterwards we moved to ‚smoking rabbit‘ – a jazz club, where a damn good session took place. crunchy! wow… i need it badly – all the time listening to computer made muzac, this time real band was astonishing. today i was only messing around and admiring the oh so cool ‚fish stone‘ i obtained yesterday from táňa. instead of school i better went to a tearoom (and also esoteric bookshop) alembiq with katka. now i’m picking some modules for tommorow massage… gone hi on life!

tatramléko probably someone's completly mad. this is flash site about a ... milk and such stuff ;]


working hard on my orwell’s page – it’s been a long time since the last update. i’ve read other books by him and the new page should also look way better (my design skill in summer ’98 and now – luckily a remarkable difference :) tommorow even more literature-related events on my way…


back from písmák session – it was great to meet you. also i visit a very interesting exhibition in prague called I.N.R.I. – there are photos reflecting life of jesus christ as it all be happening now, in the modern age. all in all it reminds me a advertisement campaign, but that’s the goal. makes you think – and that counts. hope i’ll find some page about the project. i spoke a lot with olda, the boss of písmák and we’re planning some new extra features for both písmák and knihomolna.


tommorow heading for prague and then meeting some extra people :) luv ya all :)) anyway, today the school again proved to be completly unuseful = for nothing really. better to stay in bed and watch dallas actually. i belive i am going to write something again after a long break. we’ll see…


i guess it’s not the best idea to go to the pub at 10 a.m. – result: a cruel headach for the rest of the day ;] anyway i went on a meeting and discussion with an exile minister from belarus. he told us about the situation there… incredible: this country is not further than about 200 km from my grandma’s house in poland, but it’s not just another world, it’s also a different epoche… did you know that in fact less than 10% of belarussians speak normally in their language? yet lukashenko ruling everything with an iron fist – i believe he’s completly mad. after that lesson called ‚creative writing‘ – interesting indeed. i enjoy those stylistic games :)

dimitri from paris: sacrebleu crazy french guy with one of the most pleasant and funny music i've ever heard!


attended an ecuminical mess. it’s great actually to see people of different churches celebrating God together. our (female) parson really made a good speech and i hope all the catholics were astonished :)

z.bauman: globalization you don't fell happy reading this.
altemark’s homepage not only musician. bauman would probably like this. chomski too :)


hey, maybe it’s just the right time for some tips? :)

dj nova: starshipoetry luka's older nick for breakbeat stuff :) go grab this gem from monotonik labs!
ohm square: ohmophonica not that fresh (97), but... somehow i get to it now and i like it...


believe me: this was damn tough as i don’t have more than few hours to implement php (not mentioning the fact i haven’t used it before). but i guess the result is pretty good: virtuální knihomolna version 3… i was working hard, because today an article about vk should have been published in reflex, one of the most respected magazines in cz. after buying the issue a find out, that there’s not a word about it… i only hope they’ve only postponed it and it’ll be there next week. there’s also a new music massage – prepared by knos/noerror. i find this one very coherent and i like it a lot. no wonder i’m exhausted, but i enjoy every moment of this creativity… yesterday i have a chat with the chief editor of brno most respected art mag called host about potential net-related cooperation. and that’s only a trifle – in comparsion with… well – i’ve already revealed too much :) just wait…


yeah… somehow there’s no time to write this … diary… too busy actually. believe me, that it’s interesting… you’ll see :)


yesterday i encountered a blizzard. suddenly comes – suddenly ended. on wednesday a literature session about j.topol was held. pretty good i think, but… somehow i’m glad i went away before it was too late. and the day before i was in cinema: david lynch’s amazing retro/crimi/thriller – blue velvet. today we’re going to celebrate :)

j.topol: city silver sister english česky


school begins again! and it’s worse than it was… i’ll have to learn a thousand stupidities about european integration. and it is necessary, if i want to go on with my studies… mea culpa – i chose it, i have it. tommorow another film, on wednesday literature session and on friday a huge birthday party. where is my double? ;] also waiting impatiently for postcards massage listeners should send me :)


i’ve seen a kind film on friday, maybe too sentimental, but i like it – it’s called „pay it forward“. the rest of the weekend? sorry. this time it is too personal. but yet something: tune in the goodstuff radio – it really whips ass!

n.chomsky: secrets, lies and democracy this is really not a typical american point of view!


uploaded new massage – quite a new and fine stuff if i should tell :) tommorow there’s lot of work… so i better go to bed.


seen heavymetal 2000 movie and it’s good fun. also seen some indies films about media. from mexico. and i wouldn’t believe something so ugly and stupid could ever be filmed! and i have paid 55 kc. fuck those bastards… yesterday the radio project din was canceled. yep. no way…

slede zive slede: rostliny! plants! plants!
grano salis just DON'T TAKE it serious ;] czech only - christian community & big laugh :)


virtuální knihomolna has reached next point – it has become a part of písmák project. check it. but more coming soon (another version with independent design, but the same database etc.)

chrysanthemums (a pick of old korean poetry) try to find something yourselves...
chimera: a million fluro lines part of 'urbanism' musicdisk
web4096 vote for the best minimalistic net.art... (web-art competition)


i now feel a bit sorry to mr.gruber, our parson. i’ve fell asleep during the sermon (and i have to admit, it wasn’t bad as it usually is). all because i came home at 5 in the morning – i spent the whole night in our local library where a gathering of ppl interested in literature was held. i’ve been introduced to old korean poetry. interesting indeed! before this i was in the café with jana, sofie and petr. i won the quiz, but still… i behaved rude i suppose :( i should also mention bobotic and his poor attempt to analyse my psyche. tough luck, pal… try again. ;]

ossers a page of a friend of mine dedicated to a conlang (a language that could exist but does not) 'nashina'.


yesterday an enormous amount of good things happened.

kylönnen: kustaa vaasa ep kustaa and pupu. jumpy even!
future sound of london: dead cities the official site is too strange i'm afraid
big top a huge collection of various (religious-philosophy-esoterism related) quotations.


seems i should explain it all a little bit. the weekend was very … intensive. my pleasure to meet all of you! including mr.picasso and mr.filla in the gallery. after coming back home i was working a lot on my own page. you’ve probably noticed this yet. :) trying to make it more compact – in spite some ppl keep telling it’s not compact enough. but that’s not the goal… reminds me of the new page of čvachtavý lachtan – really good job, mr.hranoll!
some other interesting thing has happened – and… i would like to understand people better. why something is out of my range? when i know somehow i should get it? i suck in writing letters. unfortunately.


school tasks finally done. tommorow heading for prague… :) my dear cousin iwona has written a very nice letter to me – i just wish we live closer… i’ve started work on pages for one of clubs in brno – leitnerka. i’ve also tried to fill a psychological test – result is: depression and paranoia. ok. it’s just the way we live. in my opinion nobody with iq>70 could be not-paranoid :) thanks to p.pea for playing ‚daydreaming‘ on my request yesterday nite. thanks to jana for … for being here.

den94ek an extra cool diary (in czech only)


change? you wish… the same the same the same. i am certainly a fool. just can’t decide whether it’s right or not.
yesterday i wrote the exam, and i hope i’ve passed (still dunno). tommorow another music.massage is out (a special by louk). as i was sitting during the night before the exam and i was trying to learn, i was listening to a commercial radio and i was scared – such a bad music for so long! ;] and some strange people all the time bombing the studio with messages like: i’m 17 and i want to get acquainted with a girl of the same age, call this number. and always after two songs another number, another desperate boy or girl, willing to find the true love by phone. is this normal? or am i just living in a different dimension? and i met Her again just to find out, that nothing is over. you know what? i would like to work as an au-pair ;]
ps: dreams? you won’t belive it i swear…

jean9: i know i leak simple but strong
massive attack: blue lines THE lyrics making me wanna scream - and the artless music yet full of art :)


week’s ending – and what has happened? not that much. i was cooking, sleeping, eating… on friday in pub with my ex-school mates. the second attempt on int. studies exam is getting closer, thus i’m trying to learn even more of that bullshit.
but… something is going on. a deep in my mind. maybe… a change? scary dreams every night. mr. bondy is a cruel philosopher.

e.bondy: sklepní práce deutsch! (no english page on the topic, yep) česky
nagz: jungle benz 12 minutes of junlge symphonia
ecstasy of saint theresa: in dust 3


well. it’s me again. yesterday i was angry at our priest. his point of view is not the right one imho. but i can’t judge it much. but after that i visited swettr once again and we decided on the name of our incoming net radio. it will be called ‚din‚. pretty, isn’t it? after that i was in my very favourite café. sitting here alone – but watching people as they enjoy the atmosphere of friendship… lovely. some pair with a little daughter. an englishman with his girlfriend. and the waitress i know – i asked her to play ‚moon safari‘ (french group air) for me. and she told me she likes it too :) the evening was very productive too – a new review on goodstuff (finally!), our project globbal is also starting to grow… and i expect some money for commercial web pages – or i hope i will get the chance to get the money, to be exact ;]

h.micheaux: oeuvres completes I in english česky (prostor uvnitř)
fun tourist: ddd tasty. reviewed on goodstuff by me :)


lack of submission. that’s it. i don’t want even more fun. i don’t want to pretned. i don’t have to be happy, you know? in society we live in, you should feel happy. how could i. better gimme some more coffee. act properly if you could. at least try it.

g.orwell: down and out in paris and london english česky
lackluster: 07/10/99 an older kahvi gem you shouldn't miss


well. what can i expect? one test ok, the other one – (F)ailed. at least ppl will believe me, that when i tell them i fucked it up, i really did and that it’s no blah blah talking. but still it’s pretty anoying, cause my holidays are in vain.
neverthless some brighter facts too – new massage is ready, our long awaited orwell in flash too. i’ve also participated on a linklist, which should cover the best of the tracked music scene. hope it’s useful for someone. my respect to amazing people from pismak community – it was great to spend the weekend with you, and i’m looking forward to see you again. tommorow is held another ‚liquidace‘ – our literature session. all in all – i just can’t stop :)

m.ajvaz: druhé město (other city) english česky - ten člověk je šílenec. geniální.
lukash his new manga-styled homepage. only in czech tho.


i should be very relaxed. all is finished, on monday i recieve the results = all in all time for good music, good books etc etc. but when i woke up i felt like i have a massive hangover. and i hadn’t drunk yesterday. yeah yesterday – a spleen worse then i could remember. is now time to quit it? to close my eyes and … jump? nah… you’re still reading? shooo, go away, leave me alone.

smash: travels in blue another fine fairlight release
skylined a place under luka's command. i admire it.


a year after. that means… i dunno. i just feel that something’s going on. and i’ve returned again to the spot i’ve thought i left behind. here?


satisfied? yesterday. the test was pretty easy (i even managed to help others). then i met michal in café – nice talking, ideas worth remembering. but today i’ve been filled with kinda… anger? strange, scary dreams made me feel exasperated. still i’ve continued with cooking (yes – it’s me responsible for our dishes this month). but the whole day was dull. and i should learn instead of writing silly notes.


another strange situation? why there’s again the feeling of connection – the same experience in the very same time (new year’s eve – and it wasn’t a happy night) on different places. is it… fate? trying to ignore it or escape it by even more work seems to be a dangerous decision. without faith i would have been crazy a long time ago.

jazztiz (feat. olga shel): time an mp3 from the kfmf y2k archives
nyc map crazy tour through new york city


hey, it’s a new year – new possibilities, new plans, etc… :) i’ve finished an analysis of tv news – a pile of shit, but hopefully it’s good enough for our teacher ;]
i’ve wanted to propose you another tip: a book by g.orwell called „a clergyman’s daughter“, but somehow i’ve decided to write a bit more on the topic. hope it’s worth reading. any comments of course welcome.

t.pratchett: fifth elephant česky english

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