vyloveno z archívu IV. (3Q 2001)


so it seems! (hehe… a name of mentz’s song released some time ago on tdr.) amyway, what has happened last week? on sunday an interesting ecumenic service – five protestant groups together. on monday i met again friends from international studies – and in the evening katka arrived, all because of the … hm. i lack the word: when you begin another school year, you obtain a record into your papers certifying you have accomplished everything you had to last year. got it? hope so :) on tuesday i went with danny, azalin and others to alterna club: there was playing an etno group ‚yamuna‘. indian, jewish and japanese songs, some of them very old – supreb. and yesterday another crazy idea has moved forward: i and six of my friends are going to play „dragon’s den“, a czech version of popular fantasy game ad&d. i’ve played it at age of 12-14, and i’m completly sure, that now is the right time to try it once again :) i’ll be a hoibt-thief :) tommorow our ex high school class should meet – looking forward to it, but even more i yearn for sunday – kasia’s arrival!

v.třešňák: klíč je pod rohožkou a superb book about a czech emigrant and his will to help an afghani woman he met in ny. bitter, but so strong... i've got the book since mid-august and reading it now gives it strange taste.
minusbaby: paseo en un coche check octagone.net for more delightful muus_c :]
cosmoboy wanna an alternative to cosmo girl? fed up with cosmpolitan (i mean the magazine) bullshit? check diz out :)


recieved a nice gift from kombajn! wow :) meet again plenty of people every day – and an old plan was resurrected, polished and now i believe it might work… definitelly not today, but … autumn 2004 ? no kidding this time. unfortunately the september music massage special is canceled. for those fools who are interested in what has happened to me recently – check the journey special.

fun lovin‘ criminals: 100% columbian just sit down and relax, get some coctails and dope and girls... whoa!


back in brno! the whole trip was awesome = kutná hora, praha, kraków, ostrava… more will be here soon – right now i have a lot of things that should be done asap, so i must hurry.


wow… i was the whole week meeting various people, talking about projects, life, universe and so… it was superb. now i’ve just finished a cake and tommorow i’m heading to kutná hora to my dearest kasia! next week will be ours – we’re gonnna travel :) it’s not completly clear where to, but it’s obvious that it will rule! hehe… just the fuckin‘ weather is damn annoying :( more like winter than anything else. anyway, i won’t update my diary next week, so don’t worry, it’s just the end of holidays, nothing else. the music massage is gonna be a little delayed too. good night!

bram nelson: la temp de lete (krii remix) incredible weirdo ballad remixed in a strange way - odd one... .ogg format!
ogg-vorbis new ultimate open source media format (now music, later video). leave mp3 now!


latest music massage – issue.025. not in mood to write more anyway.


yes… still thinking about how the life is bizzare. i suppose i can say i know a lot of interesting people and their really obscure stories. what’s the point of it? is it for me a kind of mission to watch and comment the odd twirling of ideas, personalities and coincidences? and what’s my part all about. i could claim i have a clue (a little). but i can’t be sure about it. and so i stay in the middle of a game which rules nobody can describe. man, i’m a lucky boy :)
now for something completly else. next week will bring a lot of potential energy: i should meet mike with his brand new projects and we will also talk about some of my webdesign concepts. also david is going to prepare a very interesting plans concerning the *big* stuff i cannot talk about in the moment :) btw. the article about the pirate radio (i wrote a little part of it) is in the last reflex magazine (as well as an interview with the footsbarn travelling theatre boss i was translating). wow :)

einstürzende neubauten: silence is sexy wicked german elektro-industrial-heavy-pop mixture. a must!


back on track! yesterday i arrived from the small village Vernířovice where i was with my schoolmates – i was having beautiful holidays indeed!! but now it’s time to get to work again – unfortunately the commercial project won’t be realized. their fault ;] all for now, much more soon :)

helmutova stříkačka: helmut je věčný an interesting pop / rock group. from brno. i haven't found a better page :(


well, the long awaited massage special is ready. joeri kolestern has made a good work :) also next special by peter williams aka redrum is near to the final phase. luka has also prepared a new mailing list for massage, which should be working very very soon. the commercial project will turn out in two days or so. also check lukash’s most recent picture – the original was a part of our spring photo collection :) the arm with the joint is mine and the joint is a real one :) third part of codeine dreams is on písmák. on sunday we have had a very interesting discussion with tomáš (aka swettr)… yesterday i met mike and other people came by too. so it’s all great – not mentioning in fact the most pleasant thing: katka will arrive today! :) so have a nice timee as i do! :]

bogdan rosu: mouvais et beau really a suprisingly awesome module chosen by joeri for his special. melankolic electro rhythm wonder!
1000 ridiculous tragedies check this magazine - cause it rocks, especially the 'pie charts' part :)


i have done quite nothing, just met some people, thought about how to manage all the incoming stuff and so. but all in all, the time is just fine and so… i’ve read again almost the whole lord of the rings trilogy… the ‚texts‚ section updated (the most recent poems). waiting for Katka impatiently (ooops. i am an addict :)

factory512 factory is tha future! :] kick it!


well. confused? disoriented a bit. sunday was … on one side it was good and on the other: i should rather stay away of it. you never know. today i spoke with fadi about joining our forces in creating wider circle of open-minded people willing to show their skills :) surely this could turn into something … big! one more week and a lot will change :)

k.vonnegut jr.: breakfest of champions english page česká stránka


wow. after a while, quite a major change: have a look on all my literature attempts. here you find the best i’ve written so far – poems and short stories released on písmák, but also some unreleased as a bonus :) unfortunately all is in czech only… someone wants to try translating it? :)

autechre: anvil varpe ep push the repeat button. again. and again. let it loop till sunday morning!
defcon5: dnd beautifully chillout spiced beats in this lovely funky stuff!


yesterday night about midnite i was writing a poem about how i miss my beloved. in the precious moment when the only sentence had to be written, telephone rang. guess who was calling. :-) the poem is to appear on písmák of course. final decision about the commercial project postponed to 20th august. but the article about pirate radios is getting closer :)

g.durell: rosy is my relative laid back book for summer afternoon: what could happen if you got to be with a drunken elephant :)
soundgarden: superunknown the good old classic. gleemy music, dark texts... all you need for an ugly rainy day!
netpoet & xenon: all your base my goodstuff/park friends ended 5th with this triphop on assembly mp3 compo. congratulations!
y2k pirates lot of materials concerning pirate radio movement in uk!


after a long while (not mentioning one short – stupid – story) i have written some kind of text… poem? nonsense? metaphysical bullshit? i would like to know. read it on písmák (the last one under nickname MM if you don’t know it). comments welcome. really.


yesterday it was a 24 hour long run :) but wiht a good ending. the commercial project is getting closer, our new scheme was fine for them, but we still have to wait for their final decision. i guess that if we win, my holidays ended ;) yesterday i’ve talked with michal p. after a long time. even some more new interesting projects before us? i also met flam, we have had a nice chat and he gave my couple of cds (mostly from paw’s collection and a techno set by flam himself). so i’m having a chillout days listening to lot of oh-so-cool stuff! watch for the tips ;]

groove armada: vertigo catchy catchy catchy. funky oldskool mixed with elektronika wickedness - kikz azz :]
blood pool for me a mekka of design! i can only dream of something like this...


well… it’s while since last entry, gotta admit. all in all i was having great time. even though there were some problems. what’s new? there’s a new massage out – no.024. i’m currently working on a commercial proposal. there was a demoparty syndeecate – sorry for not going there, but i was completly out of money and moreover i’ve had a lot of work. still, my best regards to all the sceners there! here‚s a raw photo by dunja (from left): katka, irenka (my sister), danny and luka :) more i’ve heard about some plans mike has, met jana at kachní bar (also olin here), interviewed matony, seen movie ‚a pornographic affair‚ (czech info), been with katka and irenka on shakespear’s ‚taming of the shrew‚ (zkrocení zlé ženy), had a wondreful evening with kombajn (you simply rule!)… also a good news: you can find the newest katka’s writings on písmák (nickname Costae). but now she’s away and we won’t see each other for almost 3 weeks – that’s quite cruel ;] it’s hard to get used to sleep alone again, not holding the most beloved person… i miss you my darling! all those nice summer days together were just awesome :)

s.hawking: brief history of time english page
idmonster: my human side my favourite monotonik composer is back :)
ths extraordinery cool page about the demoscene phenomenon!


vozovna in Reflex. a meeting with matony from the pirate radio called Krize should be held on monday. and today it’s time for another las emissions. i chose some quite wicked stuff, listen and enjoy. if you are a reader of písmák, take a time and read some of danny’s july stuff. it’s worth. and thanks táňa for support.

psí vojáci: myši v poli a jiné příběhy czech group. underground rock legend. the singer is really... amazing guy. topol brothers rulez. yep.


oh yeah… and we still flow and the life goes on and we have like each other and there are friends we care about (and they care about us) and remember it’s profound to be good to the world and to yourslef as well because you are unique – just like everyone else and do spread smiles, it’s good for you and for the enviroment and this message is important so you better listen and realize that it’s true. believe it. i do. yes. and send me a postcard. send everyone a postcard so they will know you care.


on wednesday all the team (i, katka, luka, dunja and irenka) was in zahrada (our cool local pub, which unfortunately has just been closed yesterday and it’s said it’s forever) to have some fun and meet danny, who was interested in luka’s work (and vice versa). i hope it was useful for them both :) yesterday my slovenian friends had to go back (as luka had another broadcast) – it was really cool to spent some time with them here and i hope we’ll see them soon again… my proposal for the commercial project wasn’t taken as i hoped – it should have been more crazy. i’ve got some more time to try it another way… but my cooperation with david is getting higher and it’s very interesting :) and katka has written oh so cool fairytale!! today evening i shall meet some ex-school mates.

ddr rhythm: sophisticated santana bullshit some music for heavy machinery mixed with santana :)
commie wicked music group and its site with manifesto dogma - music for machines!


tommorow my sister is 15 :) wow. a big girlie :)) today we (i, Katka and Irenka) have seen a czech movie (based on jachym topol’s novel) anděl exit. and even more (not so) funny things have happened… but i probably keep it for myself.

lackluster: cdr#2 there were just 100 copies. and now it's here. oh oh oh oh!!!!


on saturday we were celebrating my grandfather’s 95th birthday!! the whole family came. as far as i can remember, all the people were together 15 years ago. and now all my cousins have their childern with them. funny. but cool. yesterday luka & dunja from slovenia arrived. luka brought me some music and also monotonik cdr#2, oh so famous lackluster’s cd from limited edition!!! it’s great to have them here – luka has a plenty of ideas affiliated with skylined and his other new domains (trignote.net)!


new section gallery added to the page. here you find all my gfx and mini-webs :) enjoy. you can also send me sms. and more to come soon!

melvyl: someone ep this guy really has something to say so you better listen!


so… last few days were really rich on interesting events! after a long delay, there’s finally re-worked page of michail bulgakov. during the work on it i was listening to the set luka made from tracks selected by me for las emissions #006. you can do it too, mp3s of the whole broadcast are availible both in hq and lq. famous travelling Footsbarn theatre has come to our city. it was a profound pleasure to help david when interviewing the boss – i was translating, but above all – i’ve got a chance to meet lot of interesting people there. and to see gogol’s ‚inspector‘ (in english). it was really a dope :) even better: i’m preparing a proposal for a commercial media site. and on tuesday i’ve been to sputnik, where kerray and adam were djing, also paw was here… nice nice… heh, and a friend of mine, dušan, orgqnizer of brno street parties, was named in our commercial tv as a man that might be connected with gangland because he prepared a page where are photos of agents provocateurs and police operatives which are often seen on demonstrations.

color factory: second infinity laid back hq summer music - even czech (but spanish lyrics roq!).


after a long long time i’m back. new design. the idea has been spinning around quite a time, but now, with a new address – http://skylined.org/adamm/ – it’s the right time for a change i guess :) big big thanks to luka for the possiblity to have an account on a server with such a great content. skylined rules!
what’s behind me: i’ve finally finished first year of my university studies – and after all – succesfully. i’ve been with my písmák friends in a cottage near germany border having beautiful days – greets fly to all of you! before this in brno we had made some photos for an article about vozovna, which should appear in reflex during the summer. my second las emissions had turned out *quite* ok – check here. for the first time i had visited wine cellar – with my schoolmates from international relations – hailing them too! – it was a damn good action! massage#23 was out on 2nd. and above all – i had been spending oh so great time with kasia! (here’s a photo of us made by lukash on ‚witches burning‘ – there are some more of them.) have a nice holiday all!

j.a.zajdel: limes inferior polish česky
apollo 440: electra glide in blue one of the goldies...
lackluster: happyarpeg lackluster. as always :) just go for it...

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