vyloveno z archívu V. (4Q 2001)


so this is post-xmas time. plans for new year, writing an essay about orwell’s 1984, eating sweets and having a good time overally. but still there are some sorrows… today i met regis+sarken – really a superb evening: good tea and awesome confab – there are some damn interesting concepts to think about :) another interesting fact: remember bobos? the english book that started it all is now availible in czech! keep an eye on it as this seems to be an interesting topic… will write about it more soon. also preparing next issue of music massage. the biggest and last one. cause i think it’s about time to change the whole music massage concpet, so let’s end with a bang: 24 artists in this special collection which should have been already on its way out, but i guess it will yet take me some time as i want it to be really kickin‘. i will spend the new year’s eve in kutná hora with kasia and the mafia, so now i would like to wish all of my friends (and the whole world as well) a really good party for the new year’s eve, and all the best for incoming y2k+2 :) keep it real, let your dreams come true!
you know who you are! thank you all for the previous year, it was almost brilliant ;) see you soon!

adamm over and out for y2k+1 …

u.eco: baudolino mr. eco's world is a abstract thrilla i tell you! get this one once it is translated, cause it is a *must*!
vexion: vacant vehicle ep experiments pushing you deeper the dungeon! including some really wicked remixes.
vexion’s homepage my weblog is so boring. read this one and feel the vibe. green, ain't it?


meeting people makes me happy – wednesday, yesteday and today evening – all together gives me a nice feeling of friendship. so wishing you all very merry christmas! don’t forget the meaning, be good to the people… and thanks for the gifts and all the kind words! :)

dc talk: the greatest hits thanks honza for this one!
linus: waaay home ep good ol linus releasing on mono211 in 99! wha wha - wow :)


good? bad? what does it mean? one must ask… humility? lack of words. don’t hurt.


christmas candy!!! sweets… gifts… it’s right here, go, get the vibe :) (pity i can’t be on two places in one day – i miss demobit, hope kombajn will bring me some stuff from there!)


onybaba – táňa’s new book – begins with a poem she had dedicated to me and our literature evening about a year ago :) it was really a nice session yesterday. kombajn, iva, mike, naja, flam, čvachtavý lachtan, pavel p., my sister, bobotic, all the rest: people, you make it real indeed :) well, once again wishing all the best to lukash to his 21st birthday… today i have to rest, so no actions – i rather get some sleeeeep ;)

t.maťátková: onybaba velké díky a velké gratulace mé kamarádce a čarodějce!
mori: song part of scum ep, rest at: scum.i85.net
mimo czech designer group - skins of the page make me swing and shout!!


political system of poland – done. rhetoric – done. :) tommorow other courses should be closed successfully. and then a couple of planned actions: on thursday táňa will celebrate – her poems are now in a nice book! friday and saturday – two very fine evenings full of oh so good music (dnb and jungle mostly). all in all it seems much more optimistic than few days before… work in tesco is a strange one but i appreciate the possibility and experience (and money, hehe). check a little bit ironic comment on xmas (made for the final lesson of rhetoric). looking forward to new book by u.eco :)


cs_zvuk won the alternativa contest and thus it’s playing tonite as a part of velká alternativa – wishing you good luck guys :) hope you make a cd with this live show. anyway, i won’t be there, cause we’re gonna celebrate (one more time! :) – michal is 20, the party can’t stop… :) expect excerpts except experts…


these were really _busy_ days. the literature evening turned out great, then the písmák session – check the photos made by tynic… on sunday the first advent service in our church was in tv (not me, i stayed at home) – made together by eight (!) churches… afternoon, and then again on monday and thuesday i was outside tesco, trying to be a speaker. there’s an attempt to create an xmas town in front of tesco, where various schools etc are showing their childern’s skills. an attempt – because the whole concept was made very stupid. and in spite the fact the show is good, there are no crowds watching it :( too bad… today i had a free day, but i was working hard, because i and honza h. were the chief redactors of our student’s e-mag stisk. we decided to make a special issue – santa claus hate issue. i was responsible for the design and some of the articles, be sure to check it out! (little correction in texts – the last poem wasn’t linked.)

lost highway (ost) a return for me - the songs from this soundtrack are a cult for me...
faun aex: chinkk hey, phonex, is that you? don't try to hide yourself :)
tom dolby my all time favourite internet book again updated! funniest stories ever :)


another exam (successfully?) done… tommorow we’re going (i and kasia) to prepare a special literature evening – in ‚creative writing style‘ :) for all czech speaking: check this out – a short story with all words beginning with ‚h‘. it was an inspiration for me and pavel p. – and we made something similar, only with ‚k‘. but we want it to polish it yet :) and do check písmák, search for ‚shakul‘ in authors – his last two pieces rock major! and písmák people will meet on weekend here in brno, that will be a really big action, that’s for sure!

dido: no angel recieved from pavel - intelligent, relaxed pop? i like it anyway :)


new kind of tradition? weekend updates! oh yeah. our faculty will have its own tea-room. but the weeks before me look cruel – so much to do and no chance to rest (not till 20th). on wednesday i was on my sister’s ball (for non-czech people: it’s quite normal that young people around 15-16 participate in ballroom dance lessons – jive, waltz, tango etc… it should help them learn how to behave as ladies and gentlemen. the tradition is still lively and i think that’s cool.) – it was nice to see my parents dancing :) too bad i’m so clumsy :( my greatest respect to kasia for being so kind to me. on thursday we again played dragon’s den – one of the best sessions so far… what do you think, which race are the best topers? and yesterday again a meeting with ex-schoolmates from high school. strange in a way… but i recieved lot of mp3s from pavel! superb :) not to forget: here is the article for our school mag (originally written for magazine tamto, but never published).

k.i.gałczyński: green goose poems translated to english, but green goose theatre is better :)
run lola run (ost) the perfect movie with an awesome music being an internal part of the plot...
falcon: her spirits rise sorry for repeating falcon - but this one, fsol inspirated piece with a frozen atmosphere is a must!!!


damn productive week – and a good news according december has appeared: a perfect (and greatly paid!) job :) the literature evening was strange. the main poet was a dull pseudo-intellectual moron. but the rest of the evening was cool (my thanks to falka and táňa especially!). on wednesday after playing dragon’s den i had a nice confab with hanka and thus i didn’t see our football players as they lost their chance to get to world championship. on thursday j.x.doležal arrived to our faculty for a meeting… interesting guy, i think he’s a good pal indeed (of course very controversial). then again a superb concert of čvachtavý lachtan… it was an astonishing evening, with the group, mike, táňa and later kasia – pity i had to go home earlier… on saturday there was a polish theatre from č.těšín in the city – again a nice action… and moreover so wonderful times with kasia :-)


well… you wanted? you have it! here are photos from wine cellar (54 of them!)… and don’t worry, the photos i’ve made yesterday will be soon online too (some industrial + some family ones). it was cool today… tommorow – literature evening and the next day – concert or dragon’s den – i can’t manage both unfortunately. after 5 months updated rachot :)

i.landsman: pestré vrstvy těžkotonážní próza z okd!


music.massage.027 released (finally! there are big plans with the whole project, something like ‚massage.ver2‘). i’ve added a new text – codeine dreams III. (wonder why i didn’t do it long time ago) and a new photo (the player :) i have a digital cammera for the weekend, so get ready… also preparing a page with photos i recieved some time ago (the wine cellar). it’s bright and cold outside… neat…


the photos taken, so i only wait for the publishing :) (and money). yesterday great action: i met the people from the elementary school! maybe 25 of 30 came and it was really cool. now thinking about the new massage concept – hope i get to it soon (i count with luka – he’s now in london – cause the trignote project has almost the same meaning and goals so we can put it together). btw. some of the girls from our elementary look really awesome :) and one more little thing: my article related to luka’s visit and lecture is here (in czech).

falcon: eaten vinyl taken from the cloud.no9 musicdisk - again only 'wow' - this guy is the man!


well… as you see, not much time for anything, and especially no time for the diary… a new ‚poem‘ (hate this one as i do) released on písmák. the interview for reflex is ready, waiting only for the photos, dragon’s den cool – nobody likes my character cause it’s stupid, selfish coward. named fortran :))) i’ve also recieved three cds full of tracks (complete archive of milk, lok, language lab, paper, mute and many more). and (not only!!) today i had a beautiful time with kasia! also i start polish lectures :) also… playing cards, meeting people, ircing, working, studying… and of course relaxing :) big thanks to all the people around for all the good mood…

w.gibson: burning chrome česká stránka o w.gibosnovi - a ten překlad... to mi fakt rvalo srdce! short stories that makes you hit and run. cyberpunk at its best.
amon: sequencer by the sea one of for me previously unknown milk bonuses - amon rulez...
fuzzion spanish demogroup with ass kicking stuff :)


a really big day :) first an article about situation in brno for our school mag (online soon), then a discussion about trockist vs. anarchist way to the new society. and then of course the lecture. i want to thank luka once again and as well the people that came and the faculty (david kořínek namely) for the possibility of it. i think it was useful for us all… luka and dunja left later in the evening and i went home – with a cd full of photos from the end of the june – we were in the wine cellar by mikuš’s family :) i have to put some of these online :) one bad news – my favourite tracker group r3bound is ending, so you rather download their music now…


the seess students were cool – and so was the dragon’s den session! our elf (wizard – and a woman) played by steve is great (all the time just being sober), ranger played by kasia wants to domesticate all the enemy creatures and the elf warrior, played by pavel p. has a little bit suicidal tendencies. unfortunately hanka had to be in prague, so we’re still without the red beard dwarf-woman :) today arrived luka and dunja. tommorow will luka have a lecture called simply ‚copyleft‘ about the open source in art, free art licence, freedom of art and speech in the new era… plus all the related and so interesting stuff! tonite there’s gonna be an unofficial meeting – luka & dunja, i, cs_zvuk guys (that means tomáš and petr or swettr and hranoll if you prefer), danny, petr sič and david kořínek (our faculty teacher, the only one really into digital media). wow! :)
ps: the last but definitely not least (on the contrary!) – it’s been a half a year together with kasia! what more there is to say than: „thank God i met you.“ it was an awesome time – and that might still be only the beginning… :) kisses on my love!

16/10 (second entry)

wow… so that guy who used my work begged my pardon and removed the work from his list! unexpected, but fair and nice :)


i’m on the run – today i had a speech about spanish anarchists in 20’s – 30’s in our lecture on left radicalism. while searching for more materials about spanish civil war in czech i found a part of my own work signed by a guy studying int. relations and politology in prague. what the fuck! even such academic work stolen! check my original and a shortend copy. anyway, till thursday i should write a few notes on the book ‚the old romans lived like this‘. later the evening i’m gonna meet the ssees students whom we wanna interview with david for reflex! on friday i met the people with whom i’m gonna play dragon’s den (except for kasia and hanka – they were both at home) and the first real session is planned for this friday. groovy!


so many many things. read my first article for the stisk (our faculty emag) – the interview with ssees students (photo of them is here, i have made it on sunday, on monday we were at wine cellar, on tuesday the whole day school, yesterday with maciej, the polish student of politology on our faculty and it was really cool. today there was a discussion at school with the boss of islamic foundation in brno and a reporter that was in pakistan… interesting. luka prinćić should arrive to brno again! and there are lot of more interesting things ahead! i’d like to have more time to read a lot more – but now i should rather do something for school ;]

gorillaz the webpage is more important than in case of any other band!
nový prostor homeless people? solution? might be...


on wednesday there was a welcome party with the ssees students (from england, tho they are pretty from everywhere: india, pakistan, south america, italia etc). i’ve really enjoyed it :) i met some of them by an accident again on thursday, after having the first ‚real‘ lesson :) in the evening another liquidace (our literature sessions) was held. really cool, lot of good poems and short stories, i’ve seen people after the holidays… great. the only bad thing now: i have a cold :(


well… the school is here :) it seems this year will be even more fun than the previous one :) so many schoolmates arrived, will have to go to a party or two etc. moreover i’m helping as a volunteer exchange students from london, guess it’ll show up pretty interesting ;] school courses – from lessons about anarchists, through european union politics to cultural paradigms. yummy i guess. today we’ve been on a class with lama lakshi. yep, and yesterday we saw a french/austrian movie ‚pianist‘. if you’re not keen on really ill relationships and sex, don’t go there. it’s disgusting :(

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