vyloveno z archívu VI. (1-4/2002)


being astonished by david lynch’s twin peaks. on tuesday i’ve seen the third part and it’s awesome! luka proposed me that he’ll work out an engine for this blog so it’ll be much easier to paste new comments. looking forward to it :) also waiting for 1st may – there is going to be demonstration of right-wing radicals and anti-demonstration made by anarchists and anti-fascist. seems that some fight is to be supposed. it’ll be good to make a report or so… also two other projects moved smoothly to next phase. too bad the situation in school is not that bright really :] today i met kombajn, yesterday mike. another unbelievable stories.

red snapper: making bones to the beat. a beat for me, a beat for you, a beat... for the beat? :]
crashkid: stair not really new, but my long time favourite!


new rawthings should appear today! also an interesting possibility coming with it. nice sunday behind me, yesterday a meeting with israeli ambassador. film festival ‚one world‚ has begun… also i didn’t mention i changed the main page, added random quotation script and credits :)

melwyn: unet sydamen ajatuksia chillout minimalism in brothomstates style. someone understand the fine land language?! (trax 2000 mch winner)
sub88 a very nice galleries... french dude with wicked stuff ;]


i realized – to my big surprise – that i have done just about nothing for school this semester. seems like a little problem since i must finished a couple of seminary works i haven’t yet chosen the theme. heh. also i want to express my thanks to those people who helped me a lot recently: hanka, luka, shakul and ufo! i’m glad to have you and to know you care :) (of course there would be a lot of others whom i should thank, but the list would be a bit too long.) so: gotta kick my ass to work! no playing silly solitaire (my favourite waste of time) till it’s all finished…

squarepusher: selection sixteen sharp fragmented beats. wicked japanese videos. melodies over squeaking. etc.


it’s getting interesting! this week is just full of new ideas, meeting friends and new people! for example today i’ve been on a literature evening, where two authors living in brno (but born in slezsko) were reading. mrs. putzlacher-buchtová (born on czech side but writing in polish, read her poems) and mr. zogata (born in poland, but writing in czech, funny that only good page i found contains polish translation of his poems). i was also today in bariéry (a magazine for which i wrote an article about polish pacient association). they were satisfied with both articles (the other one was for newspaper ‚můžeš‘ – about scandal in polish city lodź). and they proposed me to write for them in future. and that’s quite good :)

blumfeld 2001: peep show a really strange mixture of pop-culture ;] homer simpson meats beavis and batman in a wild crossover :]
velvet: sense after a long waiting again parkstudios on the spot! instrumental pop :) easy listening reminding all the great amable tunes! dig it...


so here it is. the whole new pages with lot of content and stuff. guess you thought it will never come to life, don’t you? altogether with some major changes in my life. it was a beautiful year. maybe the best one i’ve ever had. i will… miss you my dear… but still – this is the way it is and probably it’s supposed to be like this. always look on the bright side of life!


a year after a year back… seems some self-reflection has taken place. once again i’m going to hear mr. janota, strange bard. what it’s gonna mean? i’m not sure. thinking of the next 365 days and then again next. meaningless? dunno. enjoy the dancing leaves, we’re here for a second. and there’s so much beauty all around. can’t you see your Lord in every living piece of green? can’t you feel it? aren’t we too self-focused? guess i am.

wiseguys: antidote lovely piece made by cutting old-fashioned records. as close to james brown as it could be. and that counts.


it was a party time. and i guess it was a right decision to drink all the tequilla and such. because the rest is … unease. i feel sorry for the things i’ve made wrong. but i also feel a strange lightness of being – our lives aren’t (only) under our control. you never know what’s gonna happen next day. and when you feel sad one day, don’t forget, that tommorow the sun will again rise and that we’ll smile again with an open mind, loving heart. now i especially think of all people close to my soul. my best friends, my family. my new pages are right over the corner. stay tuned, the best – i suppose – is yet to come :) in all the meanings you can think of.

blamstrain: linja a new name for me, yet the brilliance proves talent. check www.kahvi.org for more. especially mindflower's :)


vozovna rulez! yesterday it was a cool evening! michal reading, tomáš playing with radim – superb atmosphere! today i was on a lecture of mr. halík (a very nonconventional catholic priest, professor of study of religions, writer, philosopher, sociologist…), interesting imho. now downloading new eerik inpuj sound releases.


began searching for materials for my seminary work about polish foreign policy after elections in 2001. there are so many of them! polish parlament – sejm keeps incredible records :) good job guys! i also met again regis and recieved a pile of books. of course a nice chat as well! as always :) to my surprise, i recieved a mail about the book ‚a clergyman’s daughter‘ about which i wrote 15 months ago (here). so i was glad to help. and that way i found new and best site about g. orwell – orwell.ru. contains: nearly all his books in english, plenty of essays, link page, biography, photo archive… congratulations! you simply rule :)

r.a.ziemkiewicz: červené koberce, uměřený krok a polish author, the book won polish sci-fi award in 96
hm…: to by mohlo být zajímavé a gift from mike! :] somewhat similar to tata boys or sledě živé sledě. little rap, funk and latin influences inside too... tasty!
ood rec.: compilation of new old sounds title made it! his ood project releasing first ep, with kakan, distance and krii as guests!! especially krii's module kicks ass with its jazzy mood...


seems my diary is getting into an unupdated mode ;) the pity is, school is getting this very same way – i should begin to do something really soon. still thinking about so many things… has begun work on a secret concept: together with shakul, petr sič and others… and our literature evenings will change i suppose. on tuesday there’s a big mike’s evening. leitnerka, 19:30 – and tomáš with radim will play and we will read vozovna. on monday i helped with my car to transport some stuff from faculty to vinařky (dorms) where a nice action took place, hanka and martina were in the organizers team – an evening for refugees and handicapped people. kombajn has ana article in this week reflex (not the online one, i mean the ‚paper one‘). on wednesday there was a birthday party – our mutual gift – a keg of kofola :) i also must mention kasia – you’re what keeps me going. looking forward to hold you again whisteling „i’m in love and it’s sunny day“. it’s so called ‚big friday‘. easter mysterium… calm down, take time to meditate a bit. reflect the reality…


lot of stuff piled up recently. guess it’s my fault i was to lazy to report them – some projects for radio even, some net orientated ones, one rather big, but very secret :) also some real-life media school things… and yet the personal life, so beautiful, and so strange… and bobotic won ten thousand crowns, yupee ;] congratulations. there was another literature evening… but… we’ve had better times. changes on their way? hope so. now time to go explore the possibilities connected with new reflex online! also i’ve recieved my ‚živnostenský list‘ – a paper with which you can recieve invoice (oops i lack english bussines terminology!). hanka celebrated her birthday – cool :) and the world turns round & round.

massive attack: blue lines i had it on a tape for couple of years, but now i have it on a cd - and i still adore it!
mori: eerik inpuj remixes vol.1 incredible remixes with a wonderful, slowly away ticking atmosphere...
find the boeing after seeing this: still you think there was boeing smashing down pentagon? i don't.


such a hectic week, but seems like i’m too lazy to report… finishing the article for bariéry. as to the 100Euro compo – go read the rules. (and participate!) still haven’t finished the new design, but i’m trying :) we’ve celebrated pavel š.’s 20th birthday on friday, day before kombajn proved to be a great actor :]] and on tuesday i met lot of people on šuplík (literature evening on leitnerka). falka was awesome! it’s a hasty life… but i guess it should be like this :)

café del mar volumen seis picking the best tho not most famous for chilling around with a fresh relaxed soulful vibe!
purusha and friends: iro ep idm mixed with minimal and pop - 11+ tracks that will get you :)


almost no school – but an incredibly nice thursday: so full of love :) and in the evening an interesting session on skleněná louka – j. štětina and p. brzáková reading about siberia, telling stories and tales from their expedtions. finishing a commercial design and thinking about another photos and projects :) at least i must mention boop’s 100E compo – as the name suggests, it’s a compo where the winner gets 100 euro :) i’m one of the judges! (wicked. i was never into demoscene to say the truth.) more details soon… and a couple of interview on their way, some more webs maybe… the polish patients association doesn’t seem to answer my mails, and thus i cannot write an article for bariéry, and that’s quite stupid.

r.bach: jonathan livnigston seagull i had been told many times but never got it in my hands and now i read it in 30 minutes. but i guess i might be thinking about it next couple of weeks... the whole book in czech online, don't be silly, go read it now!
4hero: two pages listening to it over and over again - it caught me really! relaxed, strong, dopefull :)
xhale: fallsoundlike once again kahvi wonder - check out also the previous release - luka's coop :)


today proved to be an interesting day! how good is to meet all the friends and schoolmates again! :) our faculty tearoom rocks… this spring is gonna be a party… hehe… strange poem written today, probably won’t get released, cause it sucks. but just you wait: next week (tuesday) there’s gonna be a literature evening with falka as a main star and i’m looking forward to it. also lot of work, hope i get it all managed soon… busy is the word…

krii: retrograde krii, my personal favourite, with a track for black maiden demo - retro jazzy incredibility!


i haven’t died :) i’ve just really enjoyed the last days before the school begins (yep! another three months i’ll be wasting my time in our school bar :) so… i made a trip to kutná hora, kasia’s hometown… it was really perfect! her younger brothers are cool :) we were watching winter olympics, especially hockey – pity the czech team lost :( anyway, on 21th i celebrated my 20th birthday :) whoo, i’m old :) my big thanks to all the ppl for so nice gifts! another plans – this time going commercial (a bit). in need of money for a new computer… :)


well. it wasn’t. (the last entry i mean.) and… strange days again. especially today. i would like to thank hanka: i guess i can be pretty anoying even to you just after you have helped me so much. i feel sorry. my best regards to kuba marek for the small film festival: jackie brown was just cool and so was shrek. and thanks fly to (guess they’d never read this) ppl in café’99 and pomalý bar. the music you have picked today has made me happy. but what’s the essential: i can never really express what i feel to my grandpa. you simply rule! i hope you know that i love you and respect you so much… and last (and not least of course!) – thank God for … everything?
looking forward to ice hockey tonite and to seeing kasia soon. i miss you my darling!


it is possible that this entry is the last one in the old design! new one popping up :) i spent some time browsing through the blog.pl and after plenty of stupid and bothering blogs i was surprised to find a very nice inez’s blog… yesterday our team (dragon den players) met not because of play – we went to a pub and later played darts – a superb evening! and today i recieved an awesome valentine card from my beloved kasia! WOW! also tomáš came – and this time a bitter news: my cdrom ain’t able to play audio cds anymore :( he’s been leaving home – wishing him the best… keep it up! tommorow: cinema in church :)

bohema crew: sex-pack ep not newest, but especially tracks #01 and #06 are heavy stuph! bohema again rollling...
grammatron my paragon (with superbad.com) for incoming media lab (-yrinth) project... extreme dope man...


pink bong. :) nah… i wanted to say this: the film week is over. and what it was like? read all about the films :) i’ve seen four of them, because on tuesday we played dragon’s den – it was kinda strange this time, but good anyway.
before wednesday film i met danny and we had a good chat. be sure to download his ai programme for writing depressive poems :) it’s surprisingly smart sometimes…
i thought i stay home on friday as well. i was working hard on transforming the massage reviews for the new goodstuff ver.2 (also some proposals to the rest of the team about how the structure of reviews should look like). but then michal p. called me up so we met in the downtown. he was hurt in the mountains but is getting fit again. after a nice talk i ended up in cinema again :) enough with the films: i also made some preview pictures for the new homepage! i find them worth the time i spent…

daft punk: homework my cdrom has some strange problems... anyway, looking forward to this legendary record :) hope i hear it soon!!!
sorcen: city of ruin sorcen aka necros aka alpha conspiracy - deep, powerful, classic! a must!
magic moments 4 randy wang's lovely and atmospheric photogallery... every photo followed by a piece of lyrics! stunning!


o2.o2.2oo2 – a magical date, isn’t it? have a nice talk with kerray… then get the programme for brno’s part of febiofest: i’m going to spend next week in cinema ;) then searching for materials for an incoming article (heh, i hope). also i downloaded more than 100 mb of music :) now listening to some old bohema (mention their new address) modules :) tasty indeed!

sense: icy l tap awesome dreams by australian maestro!
hmm an interesting project - join the line and continue in the oh so great gfx!


i had a strange dream. the days of decision are now. not easy really. what should i do? where should i go? seen the play ‚faust is death‘ by ravenhill. a scary one reminding me old nightmares in new version. ‚better‘ than ever. with mtv on and mass media ruling everything. well. it’s my life and it’s up to me. i’m happy i have so many good people around: my family, kasia (you are simply the best!), my friends…


music.massage has reached its end. the y2k+2 special was three times bigger than a usual one – but it was a last one. now it’s time to think more about the new project that should be based on both massage and goodstuff… as this is kinf of so called ‚blog‘ and because i read an article about ‚blog mania‘ in poland i had a look on blog.pl and made myself one too. now you might ask why another blog? it’s because i’d like to write some comments on the situation in poland having the position of non-polish resident :) so if you want, log in :)) (i do hope the colors and sight of the blog *will* get better.) kasia was ill so are other people… but in spite of it we’ve made another dragon’s den session and the new story prepared by the boss seems to be pretty interesting! also get ready – i’ve already started work on new design. and after a very very long time is should mean not only ‚another skin‘, but really a brand new structure of the site!
not to forget – with an enormous delay i added michal k.’s page about a. averčenko to knihomolna (plus some links and stuff by me) – check it!

d.simmons: hyperion vynikající sci-fi - po dlouhé době konečně záplava nápadů a imaginace... a deep one indeed. the first part of ultimate saga!


well… lord of the rings wasn’t that bad after all – but i don’t like the look of aragorn, frodo and especially elrond. also the character of saruman seems to me slightly different and the scene where he was fighting with gandalf was stupid. and the music is extremly dull and boring – it becomes very clear if you listen to the soundtrack. :( still dunno the results from international history test, but the most important oral exam was canceled – for good. so i have more than a month long holidays!!! yupee :) still lot of things to do (finishing massage y2k+2 special). yesterday i experienced a really very intensive and stunning conversation with hanka – it was really big and i guess it will yet take some time to realize what comes into play… so thank you a lot! and let’s see – one week in taizé would be cool!! today i was introduced… well, yes, that’s correct – introduced to a psm company – and i told that guy *before* i’m *not* into any fuckin‘ MLM. nevermind… also i’ve found a useful tool – xenu’s link sleuth – a link validator. for free and seems to work just great (very quick and also reliable). and the literature evening was superb! well – everything it seems…


wow. i’ve just finished (2AM) the big work about g.orwell’s 1984. i think i’ve done my best and all the 20 pages are worth reading. guess i’ll publish it here sooner or later (only in czech, tho). today ;) i want to speak with some people about a brand new concept how to become rich ;) also i’m going with kasia to see the lord of the rings – i suppose it’ll be a disappointment. reading polish magazine called ‚polityka‘, i find it better than any of the czech magazines… gotta go & catch some sleep… :)


have a rest now. two exams in three days: not that fun actually. anyway, some fine feelings not having anything in common with school :) and another literature session next week (mr. gałczyński’s ‚green goose theatre‘ is gonna rock!). excuses? are we responsible people? the time of new design is right over the corner. at least i hope.

ckid: where’s my parka ep mono is da base - crashkid rulez second proof :) guess i love this one :)


the special days. temperature 20 degrees below zero. everybody finishing their school works, or having exams. but for me personally the time of warm feelings, confidence… my best regards fly to distant austin, texas – jakub, you simply amazed me :) ok, now i should finally finish the essay about orwell’s 1984 :) also polish lesson today. and then meeting kasia – be sure to expect a very very nice short story of her on písmák (nick Costae).

d.brooks: bobos i haven't finished reading... but tho i find bobos really horrible, it's good to read the study about them!
n.abdul+tzx+spektra: second cat [ep] really sharp tekno from polish amiga scene :)


back in business. the year 2002 is here, so lets have a good time and expect some surprise :) euro is here, lord of the rings as a movie, and so on and so on… i’m back in brno, soon (next week) having first exams. and i guess it’s quite about time to redesign my pages… this crappy design is here more than half a year, what a shame :] ok, enjoy the life, realize what’s important and … everything. :]

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