vyloveno z archívu VII. (5-8/2002)


thinking about going to spain for couple of weeks in september. would be useful to earn some money once again :] but before that i should finish some stuff – today i completed the baltics diary, now it’s time to make a secent page, get some comments from the rest of the team and to (oh my god!) translate it for the english version (i’m already afraid of it!!!). i should also make something for my bachelor degree work. enjoy the sun, have a good time :) and btw. – if you have a chance, see the russian film ‚brother‚ (.cz info) (as i did on tuesday).

purusha+mori: kooi very very atmospheric pieces! dig it :)


thinking about going to spain for couple of weeks in september. would be useful to earn some money once again :] but before that i should finish some stuff – today i completed the baltics diary, now it’s time to make a secent page, get some comments from the rest of the team and to (oh my god!) translate it for the english version (i’m already afraid of it!!!). i should also make something for my bachelor degree work. enjoy the sun, have a good time :) and btw. – if you have a chance, see the russian film ‚brother‚ (.cz info) (as i did on tuesday).

blicí doupě not really nice, but fun anyway! (thanks to kerray for this one.)


i thought i would be able to write more, but today i was so lazy i only slept and managed to put some pages of the baltics diary into the computer. so what about france expedition? taizé is a place worth definitely a visit. 6000 people praising God, praying, discussing, having fun… they all seem to be just ok and you can really speak with everyone. i’ve met a lot of nice people from the whole europe. i have some more thoughts, i’ve been thinking of – but only on a paper, i’ll put them online soon. it was great to share the ideas and experience with the other people. i do hope that the light i feel i can transmit to others :) that i’ll be able to live simplier (guys, i’ve just deleted the windows games!), to be more open to the people… thank you all! (i will prepare the discussion board too, all should be ready till the end of the week). the situation in krumlov was bad, but in the north of the republic it’s even worse. but the atmosphere in which we worked on sunday afternoon was great, everyone helping each other and it was somehow like the sins were taken away. i know it sounds strange and that there’s a lot of people that have lost everything, their homes, all property… but somehow i ask myself, must there be such a disaster to make people feel solidarity and act kindly? isn’t it possible in ‚normal life‘ to help the others, to care? so i call it taizé afterparty… strange days, and a fear whether i’m strong enough to be better… God help us all. keep it up people.

děti píší Bohu it's been a year when i read a little of the book and now i finally could read it all... here are some excerpts from the english version... but the czech one is better imho :)
zuzana navarová & koa: barvy všecky very nice album i've heard on our baltics trip - thanks to martina as it's a great combination of latin and czech music...


well… it’s quite late and there’s so much to write. i’m now back in czech republic, tho not at home – by hanka in prachatice. we’ve arrived tonite from france. it was very very good and a huge experience. the ‚taizé cross‘ i wear is only a minor change. i do hope, there have been some deeper changes. maybe i would even say, that i’ve found the hope again.
back in .cz i’ll be working tommorow in český krumlov – my favourite city, which is nearly destroyed by floods. too bad. so i’ll arrive home monday morning and then there should be more time to write about our journey to france. till then.


well. here we go – it was nice to see all the people (sofie!) after a while. having a rest, and slowly preparing for france. tommorow prague where i will stay by ufo+shakul and on saturday – viva la france! (uff.. hope it’s correct.) our baltics 2002 travel book being prepared, but it takes yet some time. we have most of the photos – some of them are really beautiful (e.g. trakai castle)! and i want to put also some links, so i will yet search the net a bit. :) but that’s all quite a distant future, now it’s time for taizé… (i’ve sent at least 15 postcards and recieved… one. so please, do me a favour, send me a card, huh? the address is in the ‚me‘ section.)


well, i’m back home. it was _that_ nice journey. i wouldn’t believe it, but all turned out the best possible way. even the little troubles with car took place quite near grandma’s on our way back so it was no problem to repair the vehicle and go on. i’m going to write a decent travel book in which you’ll find not only our adventures, but some useful bits of advice, photos, maps and so on. on the arrival a nice surprise: partly a new computer, so the keyboard i’m using now is so soft and has the right sound, oh yeah :) this week i’ll enjoy brno, as on friday i’m leaving for prague and on saturday: taizé, france… so it’s possible, that the travel book might not be finished till friday (i want it to look cool), sorry about it, i hope it’ll be worth waiting. my best regards to all great lithaunian people i’ve met: if you can drop a line or a comment, please do so! as saulius and arnas :) (thanks guys! you’re welcome in brno every time!) new friends and contacts shouldn’t fade out. (a propos: 100% šéf, 0% hrot!)

inyourpocket the most useful source of information about baltics for our expedition. smart, witty, handy - guides that fit.


well… thanks to luka my blog is commentable… i’m in hurry a little bit and you can expect some changes in the future… right now i’m in kaunas (lithaunia). visited warsaw, trakai, vilnius… having a good time with friends, rolling the baltics. it’s so good to be here.


the world is *that* strange adventure. i’ve again stood upon the dangerous area of ‚accidents‘. again read old sentences, again felt deep feelings on a bad spot, again listened to oddities and again had strange dreams. and the result? just a few day mood that something is around the corner. but i had no chance to find out but wait – the time will prove it. perhaps. also a text written *before* all of this. don’t take it too serious, it’s not worth it. but comments are welcome. now enough nonsense, cause it’s time to prepare for the trip to lithaunia and latvia. and i must mention luka’s blog – now you can comment all his entries! great stuff :)

autechre: peel sessions 2 the manic and the maniac both like this weird pills. unfinished due to lack of sanity.


wow… seems like i have caught some good vibe – this week was so full of good laugh, serious thinking, and friendly relationships – nice to meet all of you and i do hope some visions we’ve come upon will take place in close or further future. it would deserve a much longer entry to only mention some of those great actions… but i guess i’m too lazy :) the most important: i have superb sisters and friends…

bible bible svatá - na stránkách naeho souseda :) the holy bible in many different translations. but the message is the same all the time.


and the world spins round. returned from a beautiful trip to poland: firstly a superb meeting in cieszyn (not only) with pismak people and then a lovely week at grandma’s – together with my cousins having fun. it all deserves a much more spectacular entry, but right now i’m a little bit drunk and thus i can’t make it. but i must mention iwona+janusz+jarek (alphabetical order), my great polish relatives – thanks to them it was just awesome and i wish i could stay longer there. if anything else, víla, my fairy friend from the border or beyoned: hail to the crossborder communication between the czech and polish side – thanks a lot for the possibility to be there, be part of a communication, meeting new people, finding the patterns of humanity and creativity. theatre, poetry, motion, films. all in all perfectly spend 10 days, including a visit of warsaw with my sister’s friend, monika, who was a nicest guide! also looking forward: tommorow i’m leaving for prachatice, hanka’s hometown… next time i’ll write more i suppose :) till then…


oh. i didn’t mention all the personal stuff for a while: don’t be surprised. it’s all too wicked. this world might be a perfect place, but still: something well hidden is wrong. you can’t describe it but you feel it all the time. perhaps a bad configuration of reality… anyway i must praise monomania, my friend’s group – they know what to sing about. also my respect to my ex-schoolmates, you ruled at friday :] my thanks to kombajn & piwas for getting me on board on global connection, for new experience and such. i’ve enjoyed it. looking forward to kombajn’s photos :) also i feel very embarrassed – i (completly!) forgot about kasia’s birthday. i’m so sorry… :( meanwhile planning the journey to france, especially to taizé. seems better and better every day! our secret project still growing! and thanks to luka for inspiration again and again… more on the topic soon, meanwhile check his diary – serious stuff, not like mine :|


parlamentary elections – you could vote till 2 o’clock – so no we’re waiting for results. i’ve voted for the green, tho it wasn’t likely that they exceed 5% (which is needed in .cz). anyway, if you’re interested go check official pages. in the evening i’m going to explore – the global connection :) and on thursady leaving for cieszyn (.pl) – will meet there some ppl from the literature server písmák (btw. i put a text online, which was previously under a different nick, it’s also in the text section).


oops! i did it again :-))) i’m done with school and now it’s time to enjoy the summer! the the global connection open air is close and next week there is an icograda ‚identity/integrity‘ conference, which might turn pretty interesting. and the holidays, all our plans and such… i’ve read again bobos (the book about new american elite) and this time i make my own notes along the text. seems to me that it would be really great and even important to try to describe the estabilishing of bobos in middle and east europe. there’s a lot of differences, but still, plenty of trends/ideas/thoughts seems to me to be just the same. i read about my friends, sometimes about myself. also don’t forget to check the page with an (incomplete, tho very very useful) archive of oh-so-good tracking label dr3amsource! my huge thanks to proswell :) and you bet these nice tracks will appear in my tips :)

the orb: orbus terrarum pretty good. yep. :)
electronic assault: 2k-1 the first of dr3amsource gems. positive electronic vibes, squirrelpopping and idm is tha word!


i don’t know the results yet, but i hope it’s ok :] the monomania concert is planned for next week, and i’m also going to l&m global connection open-air party – wow! mike brought me a guide to latvia and lithaunia where are we going in july. plus some maps – i suppose this will be a really nice trip!

p.ouředník: europeana stručné dějiny 20. století: a mladí kouřili a dělali koncerty a říkali nové věci a provozovali sex na mnoho způsobů a...
st. germain: tourist after seeing the video i simply had to put my hands on the cd: and i was really satisfied.
zariatnatmik nice to see that even in .cz these ppl are active... thanks to filip for this one!


sorry for not uploading the previous entry ;) anyway, tommorow i’m going to write an exam – and if i succeed, i’m finished for this semester with school. i still gotta write a concept for the work which will be a milestone of my bachelor’s degree. and such. but all exams would be over… and i’ve also heard and seen another couple of incredible stories. the fact is, i’m happy for all my friends and for them being here, for their helping hands. i must mention at least kombajn, pavel p. and hanka. on tuesday i was on a literature evening, so called ‚šuplík‘, which was a very nice one this time! and tommorow there will be a concert of monomania, a group where a friend of mine plays. and the future? don’t bother yourself with future. there is some.

t.pratchett: thief of time pan pratchett mě zas jednou dostal svou filozofickou knihou maskovanou za fantasy. pravidlo číslo jedna zní? just about the right time? right Time? seen it all?


the week full of activity! exams, parties, work, thinking… today the football world championship is beginning… last week a nice jazz concert (sax time), also shouts out to shakul, kombajn and bobotic :) and i’m probably going to play petanque next week :] boheme bourgeois? or its ‚lighter‘ version in czech context?

ooi: garbage like pieces of lego, those 4 beautiful fragments should be put in wider concept... reminds me of swettr's ideas :)


a very important message indeed! due to the sad end of rawthings (their hosting company didn’t pay for the domain name in time or such – and somebody was quick and bought it), i will from now on use adamm@skylined.org as a primary mail. so please don’t forget to change my mail in all your diaries, addresses books etc. i’ll correct it on all sides and sites, i’ll also write an email to all those who have ever written a word to me :) i also must thank the ex-rawthings boss, frohikey, for all the support rawthings gave me. you were cool, guys, good luck with new projects… anyway, most of the tests completed, some were good, some not… but still lot of things to do… i just can’t stop :)


it’s morning, sun slowly rising up :] almost the whole night i spent finishing and polishing the polish seminary work (it was much more work than i supposed). yesterday – one test (piece of cake really), today two tests (nato and eu institutions), tommorow an exam. plus some mo‘ seminary works, plus other stuff… really whips (the lamer’s) ass. ;] also met alina and kerray yesterday – unpredictible but cool :) and all around too many good photos :) kombajn and hanka and others really make it big! wanna see that? ok, let’s have a look on the first part (kombajn’s!)


well, seems the seminary work about poland is ok – just few touches here and there and conclusion and it’s over. i realized i completly forgot to mention a great news: on friday i recieved so called ‚blue book‘ – that means i don’t have to join the army after finishing university due to my bad health! heureca! i completed an article for bariéry about the jedwabne case – a small town (located very near to my grandma’s city) in poland, where plenty of jews were killed, not by nazis, but by polish neighbours. on tuesday a deep talk with kasia… it’s all so strange and we have to get through it. i believe we can… and now for something completly else: the secret project moved to another phase. get ready for some mind-blowing actions :)


today (it’s just a few minutes after midinte) i’m gonna find out whether my seminary work about polish foreign politics is ok or not. yesterday i finished writing a work about sionism, accomplished first course this semester (nationalism) and also recieved a cd from emit, right now listening to his oneiromancy cd. it’s too soon to judge, but seems pretty interesting and dark :) i realized that i shouldn’t have gone to prague: time’s missing now :| but on the other hand, i wouldn’t probably work on the important things, so what the hell. after two days of depression, this one was full of fun, but maybe a little bit hysterical :] maybe it’s time to write *something* again…

las-e-mission 005 listened to it after some time - i really miss those awesome mixs made in luka's command (pretty big, more than 4 hours - it really takes a while to download :)


i couldn’t help it. time III: plastic ego – the whole comment. another project claims its end: the well known tracked music techno label tetris released 12th, final pack…

j.velinský: engerlingové a stunning story about closed society and its degeneration... hard to get it - thanks to regis for this one!


also third series of sex and the city has ended… is it normal for a guy in my place to watch such a serial? visiting prague was really great – i’m happy i met (after a looong time) ufo, shakul, boop, el and deecee. seems like they are having all in all good times. the concert was pretty good, good music, lot of improvisation, pity there were only a few people! now i sit back at home, feeling terribly week (and it’s not a hangover – that was today morning). lack of motivation, lack of energy… thinking of stereoman’s words: „so you find yourself alone with your luck, fighting with the fate.. headphones and loneliness become your best friends, along with the darkblue clothes you have to wear…“ this was couple years ago. time III: plastic ego. i believe tommorow will take me back. there’s noone in the world who should ask me to forgive him/her. it’s the other way, there are people i should beg for forgivness. once again stereoman: „…and the time passes by… long months which seem short when you look back in the days… the rest is white hiss. until the winter comes to its end.“ and this internal coldness is what i sometimes feel… i know you care. and i thank you all for being there: without you i would maybe give up. and finish up the story… quickly. r u sirius? i see the hiss.


the parking lot is full – my favourite comics (maybe ever) has ended. you were the best… too bad this is the end…


i’ve done a *lot* of work on my seminary work about polish foreign policy, but some other stuff is thus waiting… the festival – a little bit kaos, but all in all pretty good. hope next year we’ll continue with it. kombajn, mike, danny, tomáš, kangi, šira – all the best guys. kombajn provided some good photos too, petr sič also rulez, of course all togrther with martina & hanka – once again: the holiday are gonna be big! (shouts out also to jana: thanks for kind words!) on friday i’m going to go with cs_zvuk to prague, hope i’ll meet shakul, protch and maybe even boop :) i spoke with mr. kořínek (our teacher on digital media @ stuff) about my work needed for bachelor’s degree. it’s quite possible that the theme will be connected with demoscene a/o net-art. we played football – and we lost :|

morcheeba: big calm the tape is almost antiqua = over and over again :) press play.


oh yeah! :) looking forward to holidays! the deal with bavoria foundation is ready :) i got the money and now i will make it – only waiting for texts and such. great… on 1st we made a plenty of photos, some of them really cool. the demonstrations were without any violance, it was kinda fun, but on the other hand, seeing such a group of nazis is disgusting. anyway, it was a good experience. hanka, martina and kombajn are cool mates – heading for anti-nato demonstrations? that would be much more adventurous! also had a nice mail from kevin krebs (aka emit), a great musician from vancouver. he’s gonna send me his cd oneiromancy. tommorow there’ll be a festival ‚přesahy‘ on our faculty, i’m responsible for the literature corner part, hope it turns out ok. and there will be discussed the future of our literature evenings. and i still could be happy… (i also changed one of the photos in the personal section. find out which one!)

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