coworking in .cz

(česká verze níže) It is said to be a term coined in 2005 – see the Wikipedia entry on Coworking – but the idea is definitely much older. What is it good for? Well, you save some money not renting your own office space, you share it with alike people which shall boost creativity and if all goes well, the new space creates new friendships. The general idea of coworking appealed to me as a great one, since I can see many reasons why working alone from your home office might be a problem. For example I tend to avoid … Celý článek

monday tidbits / pondělní odrobinky

(Česká verze níže) to be honest I’d like to try kind of a prank – where English and Czech version are not the same – since often there might be a little use to write in English about something non-relevant to readers out of .cz… which is actually the case of today… I tweeted yesterday from live show of Československo hledá superstar (Idol show for both Czech Republic and Slovakia) and for the first time (wel… almost) I missed a better phone (for some reason I never was a techie in phones and believe me or not, my current model … Celý článek

new start / nové začátky

(Česká verze níže) I have always struggled to find the right way how to express myself on-line… It’s a bit crazy to realize it has been more than 12 years since I got to the Internet for the first time. In 1997, everybody used to start with his/her homepage, usually pretty boring stuff with many animated GIFs (rest in peace, Geocities!), I started Virtuální knihomolna (list of czech pages about literature and of international pages about Czech literature) and lived happily without any homepage till 1999. But then there were 3-4 years of building my homepage (which is now really … Celý článek