Launching / Spouštím

(česká verze níže) Finally! It took me a lot more time than I expected – the plan I mentioned when I announced the start of my freelance career is finally here. Today I launch – your very special guide to social media in CEE. What is it going to be about? Well, go and see yourselves :) I want to write about many talented people, about great projects and successful campaigns, but also about the mistakes we made on our way to the social media holy grail :) There will be several sections: fresh news, success stories and so … Celý článek

Jak se mají firmy na Facebooku bavit / How companies shall engage on Facebook

I was asked to write a very short column for a Czech economical weekly magazine Ekonom – a bit on Facebook, you know. So I did. Here’s the original version. And as a bonus something about EdgeRank. Ozvali se mi z Ekonomu, jestli bych „nenapsal něco o Facebooku“. Vyšlo to teď 15.12. v čísle 50, níže je celý původní příspěvek a jako bonus jedna zajímavá prezentace o EdgeRanku, abyste viděli, že si nevymýšlím.

on-line reputation issues – really that serious? / on-line reputace – je to fakt tak vážné?

(česká verze níže) It has been more than two weeks – which is just about the time for me to finally get (while travelling in the train, off-line) to articles I store as „to-read“ – since I found the Techcrunch article by Michael Arrington titled „Reputation is dead„. The provocative title has actually little to do with the main idea of the article, but it’s catchy, so I understand its use. Michael argues people are too concerned about their (or their companies’) reputation issues. The truth is, that some cases showed us well the power of social media that can … Celý článek

prague foursquare day / geekové a restaurace

(česká verze níže) If you read this, there’s quite a chance you have heard about Foursquare. This next big thing has gained popularity mostly in USA and you can probably call it a „social mobile game website“. As a member you „check in“ in various locations and you earn badges of various types. When 4sq is down, you shall not leave your home, since you can’t check in elsewhere anyway! I have seen people around me flooding their Facebook / Twitter accounts with messages from 4sq (and people asking them to stop it), so I was aware of the trend. … Celý článek

not crazy enough for the job / na tuhle práci nejsem dost magor

these days i quite like to watch my LinkedIn network grows, and from time to time, some head hunter drops a word or two… that’s what i got yesterday: poslední dobou si fakt frčím na LinkedIn – propojení utěšeně přibývají a občas se ozve i nějaký ten head hunter. no a včera mi přišel mail: I am recruiting for the role of Social Media Specialist at a major Telco company here in Prague. I wanted to ask if you would be interested in receiving the brief. well, it is nice to be recognized as someone who would fit such a … Celý článek