vyloveno z archívu X. (7-12/2003)


well, we have the ‚meanwhile‘ between xmas and new year’s eve and i must say it all worked out well in a better way i have supposed. i was eating & sleeping, doing really nothing (that’s actually quite stupid, cause i have to do it now). i enjoyed my parents‘ connection (spending whole xmas on soulseek and icq? and why not?), joined the crowd for the midnight mass, then a drink with tomáš and jana (it’s a tradition) and overally just cruised thru my holidays. i wrote an article about net art for konec konců, will put it online soon. today, back in work, oh no ;-)
(and thanks for all the gifts, it’s really niceee :)

alvin and heidi toffler: creating a new civilization: the politics of the third wave an interesting (and very readable!) essay about changes that might change our civilization - and it depends on us, what kind of change it would be... společenská změna - nová společnost založená na informacích vs. průmyslová společnost - to je podle autorů hlavní dělící čára v dnešním světě...
jarek nohavica: babylon a new disk from the man himself, czech bard no.1, this time was released in poland too, with one song in polish... so i ordered a copy as a gift for my father... arrived today ;) but still, a very nice one :)
transient: no war ep funky elektronika, game soundtrack or what? anyway, fresh stuff, explore kikapu net label for more hq audio :)
snack bar foundation presents quite a nice collection of links about net art i haven't known about before...


christmas are almost there. so i guess it’s time to wish you all something nice. i’ve been talking with my friends about what their christmas are going to be like… and it was a really strange collection of wicked stories. parents divorced, parents just-like-divorced, just left his/her partner, lonely christmas (staying alone) etc. so instead of wishing you M.Ch.&H.N.Y. etc etc i beg you: survive :) remember that all the bullshit surrounding it (first of all claims you have to do something, eg buying gifts, tiding up, eating carp) isn’t important at all. maybe there is a point about the primary message, maybe not. but hey, one need hope sometime :]
on saturday i’ve been to prague, first with ufo & shakul (thanks for the gift!!) and then an exclusive set of people – denisa kera, adam javůrek, martin kopta and jasna sýkorová. talking about this and that, in a very relaxed mood. to say the truth i felt like a guy from a village invited to higher society. but just you wait :)
i also bought another issue (an older one) of 3/4 revue. i dig it. my next days will be full of active work – writing an article about net art for ‚konec konců‚ (ex bariéry). in their first ‚rebirth‘ issue there is an article about blogs (you can read the original here), cutted, but still quite ok… and then an article about fair-trade. i will put it online too, but you can get more information here.

veneer: light if this is pop, it's the first league pop... smart, easy-listening, full of light... again tryhuk as the one who brought this stuff.


somehow confusing… last night i’ve been thinking about my grandma.. and today, she’s gone. it’s been long eleven months since my grandpa has died and she lost any motivation. maybe it’s all for the best that i’m piled up with stuff i have to do. also a movie to be mentioned – yesterday i watched lepa sela lepo gore (pretty village pretty flame), yugoslavian war movie, full of deep emotions and with a touch of really pitchful black humor… simply a must.
on saturday a trip to prague… looking forward to it.


last night i went (and now i wonder why) to kapitol club (it was a cinema where we used to go with school) to see & hear head > > fake soundsystem. they were great, maybe it would be better if there were more people… but anyway. i met there matěj, my ex-schoolmate – after really a long time. interesting. am i the last one who haven’t spent year or so somewhere like new zealand or at least england? now i should write some bullshit about balzac and thackeray :(
thanks to kombajn (photos) and marjánka (web+comments) you can now see a photo report from the faculty masquerade ball. enjoy :))


i still do live. but it seems i should change the manner of writing my weblog. guess something is wrong ;) will see in a short time – probably around xmas. but if you want to know something about me, simply read regularly kombajn’s and světlo’s blogs – and maybe marjánka’s (after a long time again active). i hang around with them often :)
what has happened? still more or less the same – i have lot of work not only at work… last week i saw matrix reloaded… (guess i was the last on the planet.) and as i was prepared to be very disappointed, i was not :] well – sure it’s not a revolutionary film, but i like the style. it’s having the aura :] then there were two completly different films: cabaret balkan (sud prachu) and spare parts (náhradní díly). the first one is based upon a collage of tragicomic stories. one night in belgrade – strong emotive drama, very good actors and above all great script. the other movie was a slovenian one (probably first slovenian movie in normal distribution in .cz ever). about smugglers and their ‚hard job‘. that’s the so great fortress europe.
we went to leitnerka – another literature evening and despite of tomáš lotocki (the author of the evening and really dull and snobby guy, who’s citing kafka in every other sentence and was probably holan’s best friend – all in all pro intellectual & bard) we had a great fun. and even better was the masquerade ball of our faculty. the theme was 50’s to 80’s – socialist realism. marjánka and kombajn were dressed like pioneers (a communist youth organisation), markétka (marjánka’s younger sister) as a hippie and i … as a whore :) make-up, hair gel, lipstick, eyeshadow, nail polish. a skirt, fur, and high heeled shoes. i really enjoyed being a star :))
i remember i promised a list of my favourite weblogs. these are those i read often…
i would write more, but nobody’s about reading long entries – and this one is already pretty long one, right?


tommorow i’m going to ostrava – i recieved a polish scholarship (for students with polish origin studying abroad). too bad i still don’t know how much is it, so it’ll be a surprise ;) yesterday i was astonished how stupid remarks some of my schoolmates had… incredible. one wouldn’t expect that some of media students says: „i think the reason why so many latin-american soap operas are so successfull in postcommunist countries is anti-american [means: usa] standpoint due to the communist era.“

izmar: aze2 just download. i haven't heard it all, but what i've heard is enough to recommend. izmar's last release was also great. spaced chillout with some funky elements, that might be a kind of description.
efa: 6×6 six rulez another prove that analog is still kicking? or just perfectly relaxed set of great photos. efa knows certainly what composition is!


it would be a nice weekend (i went for a photo-trip with kombajn and vojta and then we played need for speed: underground till midnite ;) unfortunately i lost my mobile phone… well, i’ve found it again today – it was deposited in bus-depot. because a bus ran over it :(( but – to look on the brighter side – the sim card is ok, so it’s *just* the phone… hehe.. anyway, it was an exhausting week – on tuesday there was a big nsir party, where we watched a video (i’ll put it on the nsir site soon) that was taken (mostly) late at nite in the headquarters :] it’s really weird – and so was the evening. and it has continued on and on. then on thursday i, marjanka, filip and hudson went to see good bye, lenin, much successfull german movie. quite a good one, but not some awesome eighth wonder. i got the last douglas adams‘ book (in memoriam) and the weather is ugly, so i plan to stay in bed as much as possible :) thinking about xmas gifts? check this out… well – i would appreciate it :)

mono: formica blues laidback melodic elektronika which makes you smile :) very good with some green tea :) (not only tea can make it too)
každý den an excellent ad campaign for czech mineral water. every day a different scetch - 'something is only once, but you can drink our water every day' - one of the best over years...


back on track i have to share some tips – i read czesław milosz’s essay ‚the captive mind‘ (zotročený duch in czech) – a study on why some of great polish authors became supporters of stalinism. i think it makes it for a counterpoint with fiction anti-utopias (orwell, huxley) – as this was ‚just facts‘. recently i was wondering about how many books i would like to get through – reading texts for my courses ‚unemployement as a social problem‘ (ulrich beck: the brave new world of work), ‚critic theory of media‘ (christopher lasch: the narcissistic personality of our time; theodor adorno: the culture industry) or ‚media, globalization and the national identity‘ (benedict anderson: imagined communities). i passed the test on csfd (after rating 200 films) and now i can add comments, which is really nice – i’m quite keen on it. next week i’m going to see good bye, lenin, a german comedy. and i shouldn’t forget about the music! a couple of completly different albums: hard, but funny elixir – music, mathematic, magic. or softly swinging royksöpp – melody am.
sun is shining, the cold breeze flows and i simply smile. the colours glitter, cats living next to our house walk slowly to show that it’s their area and you’re not more than a visitor, worth only because of bringing food.
on monday, i found (via svetlo) a game – create your ‚south park like‘ portret. it’s very easy and the result is breathtaking – it moved the world of czech bloggers, you can see their gallery (i’m there too). i collected pictures of my schoolmates, and i’ll put a gallery of my own soon. during the summer plenty of czech blogs has appeared. the long-awaited blog mania infected .cz – after many others, i’ve tried to contributed – have a look on an article i’ve written for magazine ‚konec konců‘ (ex bariéry). nowadays there’s more than 1000 czech blogs, most of them of course bullshit. i’m about putting up a little page, list of blogs i visit regularly (plus some short description).
some projects waiting in the queue – a webpage for kombajn, a special edition of obšťastník (a weird webmag edited by michal s.), a travel diary from slovenia (june, with marjánka). some not completly clear ideas about my own page and some redesigning – and this time using tableless design – pure css! but i have to learn it first :] and also serious stuff: with martin w. we decided to start our academic careers ;) using our faculty media lab as a base, organizing a conferation. mr. kořínek, the man in charge of digital media on our faculty celebrated his 33th birthday, we’ve bought him a cake – it was perfect to see how surprised he was :]

c.miłosz: the captive mind miłosz is nobel price winnner, a great poet and above all - a unique personality.
elixir: music mathematics magic i say strange. hard & heavy, plus much much fun.
evil finder yes, i am evil, and here's the proof! reload if you're not satisfied :]


yes, my new number – 736 779 920 – pretty. t-mobile, so forget about sms from net. sorry, pals ;)


changes. but the feeling stays the same. it’s just a different day, an altering enviroment. i moved from my parent’s house, now i live with my friends in 3+1 flat. so greets to martin, marjanka, hanka, martinka and lenka. the only really sad fact about it: no connection there.
the ma studies of journalism began. and it’s gonna be tough i guess. during october i spent in the library more hours than i’ve did thru last three years! but majority of the texts is interesting. i found a job. working in mediaservis, a company that deliever the news and magazines. trying to get along with a huge system called hubbuch ;)
my life also featuring: travelling, reading, listening, watching, browsing, partying, loving, going nuts and such.


well – i still haven’t managed to update really, but there’s an important message: i have my mobile phone stolen, so you can delete my number… i will have a new one soon, and i will try to send everyone a message with it. :(


i just had to take a break, too much going on in the meat-space :) will continue soon, maybe even in a bit different way…


ehm. this entry was deleted ;)


uff… this week was so hectic as it was wonderfull :) on sunday there was a nice beforeparty (goodstuff! ;)) and then it began – first night at our new place, lot of classes, spending last summer days (indian summer ended yesterday, i’m afraid) with my beloved… we went to see a new czech film želary – based on book written by květa legátová (an old lady who gained much respect for her first book she wrote in age around 80!). the film maybe could have been better and surely didn’t deserve such a stupid ending, but all in all it was very nice! on thursday i went to bielsko-biała (poland) and i felt sorry i can’t be there on saturday – my very favourite band ‚husky‚ was playing! now i feel quite ill, but today (it’s 3 am) i have to help with welcome – again, the ssees students arrive. and i have to continue in the process of moving ;) i’ve also recieved some interesting feedback on my ba work about net art from denisa kera (thanks to adam javůrek – he’s definitely an interesting guy, his ba work – at fsv uk, prague – should be about blogs and all in all it seems we have more in common than just a name ;)

beady belle: cewbeagappic another one, which is very very relaxed - guess i'm now in the mood for such music. combining jazz with club music, triphop, creating different atmosphere, from happiness to melancholy, this is a must :) and i was surprised, tho beady belle is from norway, her father is polish so that's why there's a polish interlude on the cd! :)
estonština pro každého the guy behind this page must be a really interesting one. very complex and useful page if you're czech thinking about learning estonian :) otherwise at least funny.


well, after a long time another entry! this was the last week of holidays, school is over the corner – i will begin my first year of ma studies on journalism. and it’s not the only change… i worked to earn some money, very different jobs :) reading sartre is supposed to be a dangerous hobby, but maybe nothing can beat the summer which is back in the city (i know, for a day or two, but still) – i feel relaxed, i even almost sat down to write a poem… david hoffman stays in prague after all, but it was very nice to meet boop and his brother last friday, i recieved so many cds i can’t find time to listen to all that stuff (3 from boop, 2 from flam and 1 from peter.pea – all in one day). but it’s funny how world is small – one of the artists, tigrics (from hungary) mentions in his blog meeting loosebot = luka (he had redesigned his site, and i must also recommend the comic he found, sinfest, here in his own cute navigation). more breaking news soon!

j-p.sartre: the wall and other stories svoboda volit... je absurdní. nebo to bylo jinak? rozhodně doháním resty, sartre - to mi přeci nemohlo chybět :) a spokojenost! the whole story 'the wall' for you to read here. part of much bigger site.
arkestra one: arkestra one very relaxed item in my collection :) cool music, and nina miranda, the singer of smoke city - a smart head nodder.
clown connecktion: i scribble out music with a left hand ep sorry, but miasmah.com doesn't work and the ep has 8 tracks (reminds me in a way of cs_zvuk and their 'prefabrikaty'), so grab mia48a-i and you won't be disappointed. this is coop of monotonik's grandma and... eh.. someone else :]
zosia zija very good looking flash site of a polish photographer (via isolate)


burning cds, recieving them (tommorow). i should also meet david hoffman – seems like an interesting guy from california :] he’s about moving to .cz for some time… and i must mention a link i followed on kerray’s page: it’s an article by michael meacher (former british minister) about usa, war on terrorism and such. read guardian, czech summary availible on britské listy. i know why i hate neo-conservatism.

4t thieves: chernobyl underground dark music that i suppose should have recieved more hurray at assembly'03. perfect sound, great atmosphere, tho not very innovative.


ok, also project page updated – as it’s finally there: my ba degree work about netart, thanks to zden once again! today i’ve bought a brilliant 3/4 revue – i think it’s better than what we have here in .cz :] on saturday i went to perpetuum, where i met benny and kerray, haven’t seen them for a far too long time, kerray was playing and i really enjoyed it. yesterday a huge session in pb.

the roots: things fall apart those times with viva2 remain just a memory, but this jazzy rap group and their friend erykah badu are right here, having fun, partying next to me :) as i'm not usually keen on rap, this is an exception!


having a good time overally, monday spent with marjánka, tuesday with her sister :) a poor girl – she’s now at school in brno, living somewhere out of the city, pure hell ;) tomáš (aka swettr) is moving outside brno too – living in kuřim with jana j., i wish them luck :] i also met lukash, danny and regis+sarken. finally yesterday i also recieved a cd and a book from tryhuk and had a session with petr t. and pavel š. – so plenty of meeting and sharing :)
too bad a sad thing has happend during last two weeks on my favourite czech literature server písmák. a new owner and admin decided to be quite restrictive to people who were against his rules – and the result is, that most of my best friends there left the server. so for me the ‚písmák‘ phase has ended too. i was there since the fall of ’98 and i met there many of my very best friends. tho i wasn’t very active, i’ve enjoyed a lot the inimitable atmosphere of friendship. farwell, my friends… hope to meet you again at some other place…
today i updated some of the sections – links, personal page (a new photo of me added – made by kombajn), and i’d like to add more articles and cv soon. and my ba degree work about netart should appear on message very soon.

a.huxley: island próza ostrov je daleko méně známá, než konec civilizace, možná proto, že jde o utopii, i když de facto se špatným koncem... spousta výborných nápadů, určitě si to přečtěte! utopian society - lot of interesting thoughts in an interesting context, but maybe it would be better withouth the 'storyline' - but it's worth your time!
amon tobin: supermodified after falling in love with soulseek i simply had to stumble around this unique combination of all the good elements - dnb+jazz+hiphop+sampler - great music, great fun :)
rinneradio: helsinki (crankshaft mix) wish we were here. wanna live in the city of nostalgia? do you like vodka on ice? does the world makes sense to you?


so much happened and i can’t even describe it. but i feel much better now. still looking for work, but this week i was helping – manual work, simply a blue collar job. on tuesday 14 hours. wicked. recommended for all you lazy (pseudo)intellectual assholes :] i (should have done it ages before) have installed soulseek and i’m exploring the realm :) lot of good music, that’s it. and interesting people too… and i must thank very much my beloved. and not only for passing me an information about l. fikar’s samotín (my very favourite poems, which has been published again after 25 or so years). but just the fact i know her makes the world look much better. thinking about going to ars electronica. but i don’t want to go there if there’s noone i know… last thing: too bad – seems that summer has ended yesterday.

manu chao: radio bemba sound system a very good one even for those who were a little bit tired with the studio cds... this live concert is much faster, full of energy, simply a must for the late summer :)
bliss: it’s not the sweetness we’re after, it’s the sugar ep wicked name - and a little bit untypical release for this guy - and i say it's just very good: normally he had more commercial sound, but the way he went this time, all friends of fragile sound will be happy :)
noční úvahy this is - in a way - an ad. because this is my mother's weblog. lot of interesting stories about religions, mythology... :) in czech only.


haven’t been very active – more or less just rethinking the future possibilities and plans. writing and reading a lot. visited prague (shakul, ufo, rivka, alina, ivana – nice company). i’ve also went to see our great football team :) yes, i was there and i saw another victory of our colours :]] not to forget, it’s been 35 years since the sudden end of a short period of hope – the prague spring (an english exhibition). in a way – i’m very tired.

o.s.card: ender’s game tak jsem se znovu začetl do téhle slavné ságy - výborná sci-fi, která graduje s dalšími díly... a different point of view on many typical sci-fi cliché makes you forget about some of the points which seemed to me too heroical or improbable.
recoil: liquid an interesting project of former depeche mode member alan wilder. very dark music, lot of interesting details... warning: don't go thru if you feel unsound. the extra comprehensive site is both in czech and english.
kyllönen: fourfour hq edit the music for dakrness, 1984 especially... one of the milk wonders, rest in peace!
peru 2003 lots and lots of gorgeous photos...


seems the endless sweltering heat is over. i bought new garfield book. i bought some clothes. today when finishing the webpage of my ba work i’ve found an interview with zden. yesterday it was the first bhutan movie ever – the cup (how buddhistic monks went crazy because of football championship). and few days before b. monkey (not very clever, but funny romantic movie with breathtaking asia argento and even better acting rupert everett).

setec: equilibrium dark ambient. nothing epoch-making, but pretty atmospheric.
za trvalý mír agitprop. in czech.


again 2:05 am… well, tommorow (goddamn.. today i mean) i’m going to change my style (a bit) with kombajn and then i got some wicked news for next week… just wait and see :) with žertva it was not an end, but rather a pause and now the story’s getting even more interesting. and correcting mistakes in last entry… found 4 :]
ps: just an update – i realized i haven’t add JB in the recommended! shame on me :] so now you have it…

james brown: foundations of funk – a brand new bag double cd with all the funky funky pearls!! now i don't have to go to the slow bar to hear the godfather of funk :) he's the man, even broncs ppl know that :]
ageema blues orchestra: if you believe in love you have just 2 days to download this superwonder. limited edition from ageema with LUV :) oldskool stuff and damn good head nodder! gogetitnow :)
flocksmart performance? politics? happening? just fun?


i’ve been lazy and still – lots of stuff going on here. watching films (deconstructing harry and donnie brasco were the best) and meeting people. yesterday i footslogged 30 km. very good after sitting all the time by the computer (check a few tryhuk’s photos). i’m trying to transform my ba degree paper into a webpage (to be published on message soon). i recieved couple of mails from people i met in taizé – thank you! on friday it was a session by pavel š. – plus jana & tomáš, i would miss those sessions and i hope we’ll see each other next year too!
now for some links – new articles (at last!) on cosmoboy, some more interesting blogs all around (vozovna – i like the name and the content too, žertva – funny, but has ended today). tv nova (but newspapers too) is having troubles with the news – nothing’s happenning (at least it seems so). so the quote of the week – „prase ve tvaru sekané“ (pig in shape of the mince) – it was in saturday’s evening news.
and my beloved is probably distant away… in a way. i miss her very much.

chicane: far from the maddening crows ideal for relaxing and laidback easy tuning... :)
alpha conspiracy: live at red fez a nice album by andrew sega aka necros, maybe you can find it on the web (i haven't), thanks to tryhuk for this one...
too stupid to be president lot of funny reading and some good animations as well...


back to reality. taizé lays behind me and the brothers there said it: we don’t give you answers. we hope to give you some good questions. so – among meeting many many great people from all over the europe (you know who you are!), some personal questions still wait for me. returning to brno means thinking about living, working etc. today i met kombajn, tryhuk, michal+martinka and it was nice… but still – i feel uneasy somehow. i wonder whether i’m able to change myself. to get rid of my own whining if nothing else…

a.camus: the fall česky jako 'pád' - v sekci spisovatelé najdete stránku i o této knize, respektive několik ukázek, ovšem zdaleka nevypovídají o tom, jak silně tato krátká kniha působí v celku: prostě síla. the fall: for me maybe most powerfull camus' piece - a confession of a man - too similar to me in many ways. damn it ;]


after all we didn’t get to see ondřej neff, there were too many people so we just cruised around the town. and then more nice sessions, with my high school friends, and then with peter.pea, flam, prdoff & benny. but tommorow i’ll be on my way to france, taizé, so i guess i won’t be online much. have a good time, enjoy summer and see you in august! :)

massive attack: 100th windows guess you've already heard it many times, but i got my hands upon it few days ago (thanks vojta!) and i really like it. but i must let it flow around for a while to find out more :)
zápisník slepého střelce not really awesome, but couple of funny articles and still much better than most of czech weblogs.


just a few moments from slovenia worth mentioning: you can hitchhike to ljubljana and back. you can meet a black nun there sitting by a computer next to you. you can speak with a turkish manager that will drive you exactly to your place. you can see a heavy metal concert by the sea. you can watch bosnian guys race on the highway smoking their cigs in a small car full of peppers. you can enjoy the sun with your beloved (if there’s some – now i mean either sun and your beloved :)
now i’m back in brno. it’s cold in here. today i’m going to a literature evening of ondřej neff. also some friends should be there. including kombajn, who has a brand new cammera and a weblog.

a.šteger: někdy je leden uprostřed léta slovenian poet, here you can find some translated stuff... cestopis, tak trochu po peru a tak trochu po vlastním nitru - psaný básníkem. vybroušený jazyk a útržky pocitů... úžasná věc :)
múm: finally we are no one found in ljubljana, luka has it all - and this particular one is tiny, fragile, clicking idm from island. not good if you have an headache. good if you want to get lost in the ocean of melancholy.
22 months some included photos aren't top, but you can still find a lot of very nice shots ;)

(i thought about writing more about our beautiful trip to slovenia… and i still hope i will do that. but now i’m in poland at my grandma’s and there’s almost no chance to get on the net, so you gotta wait till sunday when we are back home :) but still, nice weather here, i’ve seen two good movies – finally ghost in the shell, i’ve heard it’s maybe one of the best anime ever – and to say the truth, visually it rocks major… also playing heroes of might and magic 4… i’m not bored even ;))

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