9/12 bootcamp

OK, with a day delay – I was the only of us four who made it yesterday for bootcamp! still going for 10 of 12 sessions :) this time with Petr, a bit more running (actually, I wonder when or whether I ran such length at once without stopping – though it was probably just a few miles)… It started to rain, but just mildly, worse point was that I did something wrong to my back – and now it actually hurts :( anyway, next week is the last one – but I want to continue with some sport activities … Celý článek

8/12 bootcamp

Oh yeah. You might wonder where is the 6th and 7th part? Well, I wasn’t there. On Good Friday the effects of previous day (we call it Green Thursday) were just a bit too brutal for me to get up. What happened? Brno is to be blamed since our brewery Starobrno started some time ago a tradition of delivering special „green beer“ on Green Thursday. Plus I have had girls from Couchsurfing staying with me and so on… And on Monday, I was of course in Brno myself, still, the training wasn’t canceled (but just one girl came). So today … Celý článek

5/12 bootcamp

So almost in the half of the whole thing – today it was the first time we haven’t had Lenka as our couch, but Michal was responsible :) I must say that I really like both Lenka and Michal, since they not only know very well, what are they doing, but they are very nice people who genuinly care about us, help us progress and adjust the exercices as they see how we struggle. Really nice mix of running and exercices this morning, with a kitschy sunrise over beautiful park of Stromovka. Míra didn’t made it – a pity, since … Celý článek

4/12 bootcamp

So I realized today, that I will at least once miss a lesson. Next Mon is Easter Monday, I won’t be in Prague and as non-member, I can’t go to training in Brno… and the question is, what about next Friday, since I have a course to teach in Brno… I will have to think about it :) anyway, today it has been the full crew (I guess 14 people, which is said to be maximum number per one couch). A little bit more running for the start and then the main activity were „hills“ – two (not very steep) … Celý článek

3/12 bootcamp

ok, so this time I got to sleep at 1 AM, but managed to be on time for the training… Eliška and Lukáš didn’t come at all and Jarda was late ;) after a bit of running and stretching we got to circle training – three rounds of eight different exercises, each for 25 seconds. I must say I was even surprised when it was over – the time went really fast. Míra didn’t take his phone with him, so just two pictures of us in original Bootcamps t-shirts we have received after the training :) po včerejším team-buildingu na motokárách … Celý článek

2/12 bootcamp

Second day of Bootcamp. Yesterday I felt almost every single muscle (including those you generally keep forgetting). Woke up (went to sleep before midnite as a responsible guy), got there quite afraid – when running for the tram I got the feeling I’m done with running for today! To our surprise, Lenka, our Mon and Fri couch was there and not Michal who was supposed to lead Wed. This time I was joined not only by Eliška, but also Míra, Jarda and Lukáš! Míra and Jarda were eager to start – but in the end they realized they have to plan tactically, … Celý článek

1/12 bootcamp

Bootcamp. First day. Had a good start since Laďka stayed with me in Prague the night before and so I have someone to wake me up and cheer me up :) got to the place (on time!), Eliška was there, Míra not! What a loser – to miss the first day! (so no photos included.) We have had some running and exercises. By the end after a few sprints I have had enough. Still – could have been worse I guess (and it will be worse)… Anyway, first step has been made, eleven to go. Bootcamp. První den. Díky tomu, … Celý článek