vyloveno z archívu IX. (1-6/2003)


now you see me, now you don’t. i’m in ljubljana, sitting at kyberpipa, cosy „everything’s-for-free“ net cafe. alone. life is strange. i feel a bit sick, but the weather is nice and tonite i will feel the sea breeze.


i was quite sceptical – but it’s here: tommorow leaving for the seaside with my beloved :) see you later!

panjabi mc: the album the single 'mundian to bach ke' was my winner long ago, but overally it really whips ass - indian music + hip hop + sampling = masakra! :) simply d'best! and much respekt for the videos, simply awesome :).
prielom #20 slovakia - place to be for hackers :) main sys op, where's the problem? :)


well, it all keeps on changing, but on the other hand – could be worse. on wednesday it’s exactly 100 years since the birth of george orwell, will provide an update on my orwell’s page soon. i only feel a little bit lonesome – i miss my beloved… and searching for a job ;] i watched silence of the lambs (it’s damn stupid that our tv channels are usually full of annoying crap and on saturday there were two oscar films!) and it was really a good one, but i’m sure you already know that one and i was the last to see it :] and thanks to shakul, i can finally read the basic one: egon bondy and his ‚útěcha z ontologie‚.

global communication: 76:14 ambient symphony with all the good bits inside... never gets boring and some of the songs are megahits imho.
csfd czech-slovak imdb's little brother - but still worth a visit, easy to use, you can even find some reasonable ratings and comments :)


google sucks. two days before it worked and now – nothing. but you can still see it using jyxo.cz (an interesting search engine imho, especially for czech pages). some surprises for the next week, and a first official cd from čvachtavý lachtan called ropa. nice.


overally enjoying holidays and planning what to do next = looking for a good job, cause quite soon i’ll have to pay my rents ;) since september i’m going to move on my own… i hope all will turn out well (looking forward to have a great company, including lady whose weblog is the only page when you try to search in google for this). i will miss her very much in july as we probably won’t see each other :( working on some updates, thinking of some crazy plans and a new concept of my page… and it seems (again?) that i simply don’t have time for it…

p.g. wodehouse: spring fever very good for relaxing... nothing really special, but good jokes :) russian wodehouse society page kicks ass anyway! příjemně stupidní a nereálné - jarní horečka je na současná vedra asi rozumnější než foucaultova archeologie vědění :)
vltava: marx engels beatles since i gave my mc to hanka, i missed this wonderful collection of  absurd texts and lovely bigbeat (i mean the 'bigboš', not big beat, hehe). and now it's here - on a cd pavel probably thought he lost and i found when exploring the dark corners...
disciples of ageemablues: aurinko // bittersweet 15 minutes of oldskool jazz wrapped in a wicked kind of way. explore their site for more stuff including activism tactics!
globz some nicee flash games :) including great 'food frenzy' and 'euro shopping' :)


respekt to tha fss kru ;) i got it – the bachelor title, wow :) incredible indeed. markéta baňková and zden sent me some comments on my work about netart… now it’s time to think about some future job and to enjoy holidays of course!! more coming soon :))

ernesto aeroflot: ‚oll tolk’n‘ no ding atcheev’d‘ full album, that means 10 really wicked tracks from finland ;)


finished :) it was quite funny after all to write about those weird polish political parties. few examples: andrzej lepper, the boss of selfdefence party (about 14% nowadays) said, that if there’s no money, then the solution is – to print some more! or this one: maciej giertych from league of polish families (radical right wing catholic party) said in the parliament, that european union is a project of international jewish-masonry circles. and so on. maybe the best one is Polonica.net, where you can find (among many many other useful pieces of information) a list of conspirative jews (=list of all polish politics which aren’t right wing radicals, plus 14 archbishops). wicked.
as for the previous days – the presahy festival was really nice, the literature part worked out well, some interesting films, incredible pra.l.i.ny and such. summer in the city and i feel really great. spending time with my beloved… hi on life :)

incognito: future remixed head nodding jazzy kick ass stuff. push repeat button over and over again...
blamstrain: advance elektro is nice :)


sorry… somehow i wasn’t able to force myself to write here at least a little note. guess it was because i was really tired of writing :) well, first (and i hope more difficult) part of my writing marathon was successfully finished. i managed to write more than 50 pages – my ba degree work about net art. i’m going to 1] translate it to english 2] convert it to html with blasting amount of links and all the stuff :) 3] publish it on message.sk (nowadays temporarly here). but for now, download the temporary version (zipped .doc, sorry) and let me know, what do you think! but for sure, right? now a short time for the second part, 20 pages about radical polish parties for international relations studies :) and then ba exam on the same subject… and then: the end which means well deserved holidays…
btw. i’ll write more about what had happened since 6th – but not earlier than on tuesday :)) btw. isn’t it cruel you have the best ideas in a moment you really can’t pay any attention to them as you have to finish something else? maybe i’m just a lazy coward, but anyway…


seems i’m finally getting somewhere with my work about net art. i’ve also found that it’s nice to have my icq running during the daytime so i can meet some of my friends i didn’t talk to for a way too long :] i’ll recieve a cd ‚out producing‘ by guys from parkstudios. soon there’s gonna be a big show: iq test of the whole nation… stupidbad, but you can try their test on you too, i did and ranked quite a nice score :] and – dunno even how – i ran in couple of very useful sites. english meta-dictionary onelook and a very nice czech server about (mostly foreign) literature iliteratura.cz. and not to forget – yesterday there was an evening where eight slovenian authors read from their books! aleš šteger’s books are translated to czech and i got one for… 3 beers :)) it was nice indeed! today another literature evening and on thursday/friday even more, so i guess i’ll be completly off then :)


the přesahy festival is getting closer, so is the deadline for my bachelor degree work… it’s the labour day here and all the communists and other folks jumping on the floor listening to something like this. i rather helped my parents with putting rose geraniums back in the windows. guess i’ll go to see the movie ‚trip‚ by alice nellis (it’s for free, thanks to kinematograf). it’s pretty stupid, but i haven’t seen it (as many other czech films lately…). so i’ll give it a try. one of the projects i should describe in my ba work, superbad, has a brand new splash page. any ideas why *this way*?

c. palahniuk: survivor autor klubu rváčů - docela solidní kousek o tom, že všechno má svou cenu... the author of the fighgt club brings us another dark story... the website contains a hidden ending for the book!
sedan: community update after some time, another eerik inpuj sound release, featuring distorted sounds, eery melodies, scratches, white noise and bill clinton.
the 1,000 best films of all times don't know what to take in your local video store? here you find couple of recommended films, so check diz out :)


just a little „hurray“ – it’s about noon and i’m happy surfing – and at home :) finally the microwave connection is here and workin‘ – that bad cool :))


it’s been overally a great time :) i’m happy with my beloved, the weather is nice and even the people around seem smile more than often. i bought the last orwell’s novel i missed (also updated my orwell’s page, see the link below), read polish version of lord of the rings (too bad there’s lot of names left in english, it makes it sound pretty odd). then there was the festival of poetry potulný dělník (starring j.e.frič, j.h.krchovský, i. ‚magor‘ jirous and others) – not bad at all. a ‚new‘ (actually made in february or so) piece to appear on totem tommorow, called ‚boredom‚.

g.orwell: coming up for air poslední román, který nám chyběl - teď máme orwella kompletního (tedy aspoň co se týče fikce - ještě jsou tu eseje, reportáže a básně :) one of less known novels - about the world that had disappeared and the dark future full of bombs and machine guns...
husky: czy słyszysz finally i get this one!! thanks víla! my most favourite tracker musician jacek 'falcon' dojwa and many of his wonderful pieces in a new arrangement...
spektra+revisq: ohh my .. „15“.seconds once after a looong time a module, moreover in an amiga format (get modplug)... what to say? klimaty, kurwa, stary ;) polish moody melankolik slow motion space opera or whatever...
my boyfriend came back from the war a net.art classic by olia lialina... had you seen tigers?


i’m back from slovenia… but let me mention some of the things yet from the previous week: on tuesday we went to see the film ‚citizen krone‚ (about the biggest and *incredibly* influential newspaper in austria), it was a part of the one world festival (documentary films mostly about human rights and such). on thursday a completly different film – ‚the mating habits of the earthbound human‚ (on our faculty, heh :) thanks to this site (and my beloved who told me to put an ad here) i went to slovenia for a very decent price by car :) it was wonderful… now the more complex story: friday midi killa party in channel zero @ metelkova club (strange place!!), where i met kumpre, a guy behind cyberpipe (check out, interesting place). luka played and we all jumped on the floor till the morning. chilling out on saturday (listening to radio student, where petra (who was with us on friday) works), on sunday visited the city center and the antiques market :) then luka played in salon minimal (a beautifully designed place!). his elektroblef_live_1 was really a superb one – he was not only djing, but vjing as well – and not bad at all! for the show he used some tracks from the cd i brought him :)) and then a meal and in the morning hurry up to the car and back home… and there were more people, whose names i unfortunately don’t remember, more interesting conversations, i borrowed a vuk ćosić book net.art per me and… that’s it. it was the best :)
(and i updated the gallery and the projects sections after a loooong time.)

david bowie: earthling little wonder is THE song... but bowie is interesting for other reasons too...
vae: lynn brook heard it on elektroblef party - i must admit i missed this one by some stupid mistake - and it's a nodder definitely :)
ivan brunetti the author of the cult comics schizo :) a weirdest you've ever seen...


here we go! i’m writing this entry from melon’s and luka’s home – in ljubljana, slovenia. yesterday luka (aka dj nova) played till the morning and today we chill out :) and tommorow another party… plus meeting interesting people and having enriching conversation (not only) about netart. feels so good to be there. too bad i’m going back to .cz on monday morning… the skylined family should meet more often, that’s clear!


making some preparations for the přesahy 003 festival, where the literature part is organized by me and my beloved. got plenty of music from pavel špatka, thanks a lot (also for the very interesting conversation on sunday).

black cat white cat ost funny and funky balkan music for the famous kusturica's film! a must :)
vosa na jazyku we know what you like - and we don't give a damn about it: the only czech weblog that is worth reading.


the time goes by and i should be working hard… :) the weather changed in an awful way last week (temperature below zero), but it’s getting better. attended last šuplík (a literature evening) where papouch and his friends played quite a funny piece. then čvachtavý lachtan played, good job, boys! i met guys from the grade school, good laugh :] i also put some new stuff on totem. still not sure about redesigning, not very soon probably as i won’t have time for it. next week i’m going to ljubljana, slovenia, to visit my friends luka and dunja. and today sister’s colleague from france, annabelle arrived.

marianne fredriksson: the river of sin a really interesting story based on the bible myth about noah... an allegory going into depth...
izmar: aze get the whole incredible, chillout, melodik, lovely album from mono211 site


yet again the days of european film: on 23rd slovenian ‚porno film‘, a funny movie with some good jokes, but in fact nothing special. then on 24th a really strange one: ‚bar‘ made in strange co-production: greece, cyprus and uruguay. i can’t say i understood, but i love it. a bit in lynch’s style, just better. mysterious ending and very atmospheric music – don’t miss it if you see it somewhere (i doubt it). on wednesday we made a trip to prague, nice to see ufo and shakul and i’m going to be an extra(s) star. on thursday on a visit in mf dnes newsroom, quite interesting. and in the evening i finally saw terry gilliam’s 12 monkeys. maybe i expected too much, but the plot seemed to me full of logical mistakes… today i’m going to meet regis and sarken and then i was invited to swettr’s birthday party. looking forward to it :)

polygon ring: collage long time no see - my favourite bulgarian musician appeared on kahvi and brings us a mixture of elektro beeps, broken beats and tender soundscapes - a postmodern collage :)
kalin varbanov photography some really lovely macros and details for your pleasure :)


trying to watch cnn from time to time. nothing valuable i guess, but anyway. on tuesday i went with my beloved to see a polish movie hi, tereska. a tough one indeed. pretty weird characters and a disgusting ending. but it’s an outstanding one, definitely worth seeing. on thursday we had an interesting conversation with wayne svoboda, our american teacher – he had also send me this link: opinion journal – a brilliant example of a very sarcastic pro-war commentary. yesterday we were on a trip to sovinec, where jindřich štreit lives. he showed us around his cosy place and first we discussed the nsir project (photos mostly of course). then it was great to hear about his life and work (see some photos here and here). a notability in my opinion… today danny dropped in, nice to see him again. and the spring gets over the place – my allergy is back… ;)

vizion: restless remember the oh-so-good song sofa surfin' by falcon/tdr? this sounds like a sequel - kahvi scores! :)
gradis.net – x-ray silly, but anyway...


haven’t done anything much usefull lately. my beloved was ill – i miss her so much… but i enjoyed hanka’s birthday party. on friday i met kombajn with chris :] nice to see them happy together… my sister has been in france this week, hope to get some nice postcard. and i have a bong! wow :] but i haven’t tried it yet…

e.bondy: neuspořádáná samomluva deutsch! (no english page about this strange writer) written back in 1984 it is still very interesting... were the antagoistic world powers really that different?
elektrick mann: hrubý styl live funny hiphop and funky with texts which are way toooo rude for anyone normal ;) but if you don't take it too serious, you might like it :)
grandma: for your broken heart ep my beloved monotonik author... again stunning! dunno much what else to write - i can hardly define the style - maybe... lofi melancholik electro-acoustic crossover? but definitely it is worth...


so lessons began – not many of them, but quite interesting. also continuing with the school work on netart: i chose those projects to be described after all. you might know some of them already, but check, it’s worth :) grammatron, superbad, jodi, young-hae chang heavy industries, praystation. i’ve also wrote another text – about american media and ‚their war‘. oh, and looking forward to days of european film!

stereo mc’s: deep down and dirty i only heard it on a tape in my favourite bar couple of times - but i'll have it soon too - and that's great, cause it's relaxed cool music :]
logreybeam: chaki is no help after some time a must-have track, i dunno the author, but the retro feeling plus elektro kicks it.
čtyřlístek the ultimate comics of my childhood get remixed in quite a funny way :)


the school has started… i have only two courses this semester, but it was nice to see all the people again :) i began to work on my bc degree work about netart… it’s crazy :) tommorow tomas aka swettr, my very good friend, will be baptized – and i will stand his godfather! btw. he and hranoll (as cs_zvuk) played a nice set on a literature evening this thursday…
also sending kisses – it was so great to spend a week with my beloved…

n. stephenson: snow crash contains lot of essays and other connected stuff... rozsáhlá slovenská recenze...
{ths} dirty style, interesting artwork...


21st february – and i’m 21. magical? my beloved is 22 today :) and *that’s* magical i guess… this week we spent together and i must admit, that it was strange, crazy and beautiful… went to see the movie heaven – well, supposed it to be different. tykwer made better movies, that’s for sure. maybe he wanted to do ‚art‘ too much? i’ve also found a nice flash game – the gulf war 2 – try to attack the bad man and see what happens ;) and yep: thanks all for the gifts and greetings :)


i recieved air’s cd 10,000 hz legend from mike. thanks, it’s a must :) and i will meet my beloved this evening after a (way too) long time :))
also… a few words on what’s going on around the world: why i don’t support the antiwar movement that much.

air: 10,000 hz legend the genious french band - this time darker, but still pure beauty...


still not in a perfect health condition, but much better. yesterday i saw terry gilliam’s brazil, a great movie – antituopian visions (some orwell’s and kafka’s influences are easy to recognize) mixed with the unique monty python’s humor ;) this film is surely an underrated one… then i spent a nice evening with our taizé group. we slowly began to plan this holidays’s visit… looking forward to it. some new gfx on its way, i also started to think about a new design of my page: would be about time i guess :] maybe in flash this time?


long time no news… mostly because i wasn’t online last week: the van helsing movie will be probably pretty stupid, but shooting it was fun. too bad it was so cold and too bad it took that much time (even 16 or 18 hours a day). now i’m back home – ill. i slept the whole day and now i feel a little bit better. i also added a gfx/text on totem. but it seems it’s definitely not the best rated one ;)


so. it seems a period in my life has ended. today i finished the bc degree in journalism. and i almost couldn’t did it better – 4 of 5 exams i recieved mark 1 (we have a scale from 1 to 4, 4=F) and 2 from the history of journalism. it’s quite funny, cause i didn’t prepare much…
for example, yesterday i went to prague, because i had to try the costumes – i’ll be in a movie! one of 150 peasants hunting (and haunted by :) van helsing. on the other hand: my grandpa, a very great man, died last night. he meant a lot for me. he influenced me very much – his experience and faith and personal example – this won’t end just because he’s not with us physically. i’ll keep the memory of him.
i would like to thank all my friends for being with me. i’m happy you’re still there. namely – ufo, kombajn, hanka, kasia, luka, pavel, shakul, danny, jana, swettr – but i could continue for a loooong time :) so all the others, sorry for not being mentioned, i like you all!
but there is a special person which must be mentioned in a special way. my crazy, wonderful, extraordinary, beloved. tho it’s not here with me, she’s still present. i can see her in my mind’s eye… my heart beats faster. i’m so happy we walk hand in hand…


these days i made some decisions. and i hope i did the right thing. still a lot might change, but i feel much better. wondering about various questions for maybe a year… it was about time to go further.

twin peaks ost the genious angelo badalamenti and his score...
jabsasonic: lennä mustasiipi (totuuden voima mix) finnish communist propaganda song from the 70's remixes in dnb style! an awesome retro wonder :))
pawel cichon one of the best flash portfolios i've seen in a looong long time. simply a must :)


the first part of the bc exam tommorow morning. and somehow i couldn’t write anything here. it doesn’t mean nothing is happening, on the contrary… later on… later.


after all the orthodox xmas were full of surprises :) i recieved a wonderful gift! i’m also registrated on totem.cz – quite a nice server dedicated not only to literature, but also photos and gfx. i could write about lot of different things, but no time… the bc exam in one week – will need all my luck :] so see you then.


a new date, but no changes really ;) i enjoyed the parties on the new year’s eve, slept almost the whole new year’s day :) will have to study to prepare for the exams… but i would be rather spending time with my beloved – i haven’t seen her almost two weeks, horrible :] wanna get my hands on some more music by panjabi mc – tho it’s damn commercial i still like it – i’ve seen the cool video on mtv.de and it whips ass :)) maybe it’s because as a little boy i was a fan of knight rider? i even watched the show on austrian tv – not knowing a word in german… :)

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