Antti Tuomainen: Léčitel / Healer

Večery pod lampou pro apokalyptiky  / Evenings for apocalyptics (czech version below) Do you know the feeling, that the author isn’t that bad after all, but he was a bit lazy when writing? And he tries to look cool, because he surfs the wave of a fancy topic, one can mention in blurbs. Unfortunately – that’s the very case of Antti Tuomainen and his book Healer. My review features spoilers and I’m not sorry about it since I don’t recommend you to go and buy the book anyway. But you were warned. OK – so what bothers me about the … Celý článek

Launching / Spouštím

(česká verze níže) Finally! It took me a lot more time than I expected – the plan I mentioned when I announced the start of my freelance career is finally here. Today I launch – your very special guide to social media in CEE. What is it going to be about? Well, go and see yourselves :) I want to write about many talented people, about great projects and successful campaigns, but also about the mistakes we made on our way to the social media holy grail :) There will be several sections: fresh news, success stories and so … Celý článek