3/12 bootcamp

ok, so this time I got to sleep at 1 AM, but managed to be on time for the training… Eliška and Lukáš didn’t come at all and Jarda was late ;) after a bit of running and stretching we got to circle training – three rounds of eight different exercises, each for 25 seconds. I must say I was even surprised when it was over – the time went really fast. Míra didn’t take his phone with him, so just two pictures of us in original Bootcamps t-shirts we have received after the training :) po včerejším team-buildingu na motokárách … Celý článek

2/12 bootcamp

Second day of Bootcamp. Yesterday I felt almost every single muscle (including those you generally keep forgetting). Woke up (went to sleep before midnite as a responsible guy), got there quite afraid – when running for the tram I got the feeling I’m done with running for today! To our surprise, Lenka, our Mon and Fri couch was there and not Michal who was supposed to lead Wed. This time I was joined not only by Eliška, but also Míra, Jarda and Lukáš! Míra and Jarda were eager to start – but in the end they realized they have to plan tactically, … Celý článek