vyloveno z archívu III. (2Q 2001)


lots of stuff piled up. i’m currently working on next las emissions, i’ve posted a review of krii’s supa track angel on goodstuff, there’s a massage special made by sml/fuzzion (breathtaking design, celtic/medieval/fantasy style). as for the school: public press exam done successfully (A). european integration done (E). but theories of international relations – failed :( mr. linklater sucks major imho ;) congratulations to all my friends who are from now on university students :) also my mum has become a regular student (tho it’s the ‚distant‘ study, or how shall i call it) of religion studies. yesterday i’ve seen an opening of ‚hugo haas in film photography‘ exhibition. the pictures are great, but the way the organizers prepared the presentation is terrible. just pinned up to the walls, without any concept, with creased description or with no description at all. the author seemed so drunk, that i was afraid of him falling down from the platform when talking (of course) bullshit. later i moved to our literature session – to say the truth, i wasn’t much pleased by č.vejdělek, albireo’s favourite czech sci-fi author. now i have to study, cause i will be in kutná hora (that’s kasia’s hometown) for the weekend… looking forward to it :)


on wednesday i’ve written a test of my czech language skills. hehe… i hope i have it :] on thursday – a next step: international relations exam. uff… two and half an hour. later that day i’ve seen a film ‚ten reasons why i hate you‘, baked a cake and went to kasia’s birthday party. once again – congratulations. i wish you the best. enjoy the life… hugging you tight :) on friday we’ve made a little trip and today we travelled to moravský kras (caves and a really deep abyss). and there was even more happening. but i guess i would go too personal this time :]

melvyl: it goes by easy listening piano song... would fit in a movie. melancholic a bit, but all in all with a good mood...


few days of perfect lazyness. but my voice sounds like a bad joke ;) on saturday i’ve met danny & rivka… hihi :) that’s the power of spring… i wish them best :) and on sunday i’ve made a huge step towards plenty of new music, so i guess i’ll be whole summer just listening to some good stuff :] which reminds me: i guess it’s about time for another goodstuff reviews. and btw. i came around our (my and jakub’s) oh so great (and unfinished) text game. last modification in summer’98. weird… isn’t just about time to finish it off? :]]] (it’s not since noone will understand such a game in the age of multimedia. shame on us.) bad news: four exams in two days. hehe… in czech we say „i don’t believe in miracles, i rely on them“.

krii: angel this will make your head explode. really amazing stuff - dark, evil, scary techstep/dnb...


back on track… after one and half year of perfect health – i’m ill. another cool weekend – on friday there was a nice session in my favourite café – café’99 – as there are new photos by fano. on saturday i finished massage #22 and recieved a good news – i passed the test from mass communication (got C). sunday was fine, but monday morning i felt sick. in the afternoon was temperature rising ;) – 39.4 C… so there was no use to think about going to test from international relations on tuesday. today i’m feeling slightly better, but… hope i’ll be again all right as there are lot of interesting things to do!

a.gray: something leather english česky
xhale feat. frode kloevtveit: novation [reworked] with new spiced up sound works even better than before... trumpet kids? rock steady!
samotáři ost the movie was a hit. the soundtrack is cool, with different parts, everyone's favourite...


last friday turned out very well… on saturday i and katka were learning for six hours about mass communication and media (useful – and i was quite wondering whether we are able to learn together :) anyway, the weekend was that cool :) we wanted to learn even on monday.. uh – there are also other things to do. and rather more pleasant i guess ;) on tuesday we wrote the test – well, i hope we passed, but we dunno. later we went to the zoo. also my sister returned (that’s fine, but on the other hand – having a vacant bed is nice too imho) from france. yesterday i helped alžběta with moving from brno back home.. later in cinema – a great movie ‚citizen kane‚. then a nice talk with benny and david daniel (my chief editor of tamto – bad news: tamto is postponed till the end of august). a good news: last week a first of incoming co-ops with luka and his las-emissions was made – i chose four hours of tracked music which were broadcast on net and on slovenian fm radio! check the las (ljudmila audio studio) page, you might also download (rather lq) mp3 – 4 hours in about 50 mb. and today i’ve had another exam – my first oral exam on university. i gained A – and i haven’t learned at all for this one (as it wasn’t much important). i’m also happy for lot of my friends passed their final high school exams. congratulations :) tommorow i gotta make another issue of massage (mailing list back soon!). also thinking of all my friends falling in love these days… some of them flying on a wave of optism, some of them not. wishing you the best… you know who u r ! :]]

p.coelho: alchemist english česky
tawan: waiting for you again quite an oldie - last of my first lasemissions set - nice, relaxed feeling, spreading good mood somehow :)


wow. katka has arrived a day sooner :) so we’re having superb days :) my sister is in france. messages from here and there – seems that the may has really a … strong love potential? :) today i’m looking forward to a literature open air session prepared by ‚useless poets‘ and later in the evening i will meet the old pals from the high school. and the weekend… should be… special :)))

morning papers vs. lizardking: tell me colours new appearance of old legends. plug and play :)


a perfect day today :) even when i have a lot of work, i was told, first exam is not on thursday, but on tuesday (uff) and i even have some materials promised for it… having a nice small talk with hanka and then coming back home to find out… find out that an incredible thing happen and now i have a mobile phone :))) so if you wanna call me (since i have no credit – i spent it all on first talk with katka :) – here is the number: 0607221360 … wednesday is near… :) (btw. don’t you have the feeling that i use the verb ‚have‘ too much? well i _have_ this feeling :)

launch a superb site with more than 7000 music videos :) gotta catch'em all :))


this week was full of activity… on tuesday i and katka went to see the newest švankmajer’s film – otesánek. it’s quite a scary one – then i hurried to šuplík (a literature evening) – my best regards to falka and táňa which were just great. after the official end i have a conversation with táňa and invited her on a lesson of creative writing which was planned for wednesday afternoon. and it turned out to be really a strange meeting. first of all – katka drew with her chalks arrows from school to záhrada (a perfect pub nearby). when we were waiting a little bit of green gold came into play… finally ms. salaquardová came – and i would swear she was a little bit… drunk :) but it was absolutely cool. we spent there six hours of creative conversation (and thus i missed the concert of swordfishtrombones). later that evening i had to say goodbye to katka as she has been leaving for kutná hora (oh how i wish she was here!!). on friday i arranged an interview with probably most famous czech virus maker – benny / 29A. i haven’t seen him for two years maybe, but we figured out that it was very useful to meet again, hehe… and yesterday i was in café’99, because michal had some cds for me – and around came by an accident regis and sarken! nice to see them both – even nicer to win in that nice game we call ‚člověče nezlob se‘ (don’t you know whether it exists in english speaking countries? and how do they call it?). just about now i’m exhausted (and it’s gonna be worse) – yesterday night i was finishing an interesting collaboration with luka (wait a few days and then it’s out). i also have to write some articles for tamto and i must translate an article about critical theory in international studies for school… stupid? you bet!

62 from barcelona 62 oh so nice photos (small but lovely)
sabi: colorblind ep experimental feather like chip music? bingo bingo!

13/05 (2nd entry)

we are the champions!! czech hockey team has won again – third time in a row! you can’t stop us :) we’re gonna celebrate…


so… the weekend is going to end. it was awesome. after jumping up and down on brno’s most horrible music group ever (glass onion – the beatles revival band), which was pretty funny, i’ve been with katka… ‚when i’m home everything seems to be right, when i’m home feeling you holding me tight, tight, yeah.‘ a hard day’s night? you bet. on a sad tip – my personal hero and the author of a cult trilogy „hitchiker’s guide to the galaxy“, douglas adams, has suddenly died on 11th. rest in peace. (write your last ‚thankyou‘ here).


finally copied kundera’s unbearable lightness of being for falka, made some photos with lukash for our spring coolection :] the massage special dedicated to mono211/monotonik is postponed and will be out on 15th. on monday another test – european integration (well… fucked up), another one is tommorow, but today we have another nice literature evening – regis is going to introduce life and work of umberto eco. looking forward to weekend (katka is staying in brno, wow!)…

idmonster: the force may be with you pendle again (under another alias). this bro is a magician... damn kool!!!
ty syčáci: máj v dubnu there are some good groups in brno - and that's one of them...


i should apologize for the server being down during the week… not my fault tho. yesterday i was the whole day on the run. i’ve had to arrange this and that (meeting ppl i haven’t seen for a long time… some of them are going to do their final high school exams – so wishing good luck!). then shopping with my little sister (!) and finally trying to write something. today and tommorow a czech demoparty fiasko is held. i’ve decided not to attend, but my best regards to people there! scene.cs alive ;) more ideas for photos – and it seems like we might create something on tuesday with lukash. btw. you’ve heard yet about the .ogg audio format? check vorbis page, forget about mp3 and support open source! (have you ever woke up and seen a message in front of your house from the person you love? drawn with a chalk? well – such a situation might happen :)

lostpixels was i in a wonderland? (not for ppl with modem tho)
psidream: refraction rebound back on track - now using the vorbis .ogg audio format. get the winamp plugin and start to jump around!


well – seems like there’s no time even for writing this diary… who’s to blame? you’ve probably already guessed: it’s my wonderful and beloved kasia. :) we’ve had a really great time together – on monday evening the ‚witches burning‘ has taken place – we’ve been with other people from our journalistic class having a nice party (ppl, next time please don’t sing!) and on 1st may we were on a nice trip – 25 km – yes, i haven’t died in the middle :]] yesterday a really strong movie – ‚dancer in the dark‚ (with björk)… and all the time an optimistic mood, which together with a beautiful weather results in oh so fantastic days… (and i’ve also begun to study, no kidding :)

chimera: destination i forget an emotional ballad, moody guitar, cool vocal...


almost no school this week. but exams are closer every day… maybe i should start to do something. and i don’t mean rachot news nor some web photogallery (yeah, inspiration once again stroke my head – some kinda kitsch – but as i’m not a photographer – and other people think the idea is dull – this probably won’t come to any productive end). good times indeed. with my high school ex-mates, with cs_zvuk & co. (photos for their interview were taken on friday, and really funny – eg how they are destroying a computer. tomáš has some new and great ideas which shall be realized as soon as possilbe) and of course with katka!! (if someone haven’t grasped it – kasia is polish synonym for katka. btw i’ve been told i should rather make this diary somehow password protected so it could be read only by my friends. but i don’t have to hide what is here: the fact i’m happy and the reason of it is something i want to share with everyone.) my sister has left tommorow – she’s with other young protestant kids ;] (i hope they don’t drink that much). today we declare spring in tha house: muscats again in our windows :)

j.wyndham: day of the trifids english česky
pendle: caffeine low one of the latest mono gems. dig it as this is a must!


well… what shall i say? those three days changed my life. i’m not afraid anymore. so i can shout it out to the whole world: i’m a happy man loving a gorgeous, marvelous girl… i probably haven’t yet really realized my good luck… kasia, you’re the one and only! listening to n.o.h.a. – „deep down insides love resides…“ if this is a dream i don’t ever want to wake up again. but guess what? it’s not a dream :)


so… massage.021 finally done. i’ve recieved a special gift from jana – hey, i really keep it :]] the day before yesterday i’ve been in cinema with katka and vláďa – the last temptation of christ. it’s really a strong dope – for me somehow a substitute for the easter i suppose. yesterday when katka had to return home, i went to a concert of oldřich janota – a strange bard. i didn’t feel well – illness combined with an undue fear. mesmerizing voice in the dark. uff. but then i managed to return back – with an assistance of písmák people which were really cool. especially falka and regis: thank you my friends… today pondering about bobos. you don’t know what does it mean? two articles from czech newspaper availible here (in czech only, sorry). shakul and i are going to buy ourselves a domain… i tell you: you will be surprised :]]]
oh. and remember our famous vozovna project? impossible happened – it has been digitalized (still only a raw version, but more to come soon).

n.o.h.a: noise of human art a nice fussion :] jazzy dnb? seems martin bednarski is going to be my main music supporter :)


long time no see, huh? i know i know… it was a rush week, believe me. on wednesday school skipped – but for a very serious reason. strange… i would never suppose that i will… well – that’s about too personal :) also some more funny stuff how not to be in the army :] and on thursday i traveled to dresden, germany. during the journey i’ve read a paulo coelho’s book, which was really weird. we (i and shakul) arrived to dresden, where we were expected by xenon and mindflower. both great guys (and great musicians). after meeting other ppl and having some funky turkish meal we opened a bottle of absinth i brought with me :] on friday we set for fallingbostel (near hannover), where the whole mekka & symposium 2001 took place. in a big hall there were about 1200 sceners from all around the europe. the whole party deserves a much longer report – that we might make together with shakul (but in czech only). all in all – it was great, meeting the guys was a cool experience (the konsumer/goodstuff/freestyle/park team – you rule! polish sceners, neurop especially – keep it up, małysz is the king! hungarian team – sorry for not coming to flag, but you were awesome, particularly the young lady! organizers – best regards for an amazing work! all competitors – wow, i was really on my knees! :) and not to forget those damn pornofascists – next time i’ll shoot you – people like you shouldn’t enter mekka at all). we’ve had a good time, yep. and the result of the party is yet to come: not only large development of goodstuff, but probably also a brand new project together with shakul. let’s see. the way back was a kind of weird fun: i entered a wrong train in prague and thus i came to brno at 7 on thursday :] i also have caught some ‚halsschmerzen‘, therefore should rest now (almost no proper sleep on the party of course). but the massage.021 is still here to be finished (should have been on sunday tho), so i gotta work :] and more to come… oh damn, i should learn to stop or i end up like workholic. and yeah – not to forgot – i esteem katka a lot, for all she has said and done – i hug you :)

vexion: forkyo ep included on the last massage, more than 15 min. of incredible chunky muzac! :)


preparing for mekka symposium – but thinking about this and that… luke (my would-like-him-to-be-my-elder-brother) has sent me a postcard from sarajevo… thanx a lot! after a long time i’ve managed to write quite a decent text (short story? hard to define). it’s a result of next lesson of creative writing. interesting fact – it’s imho quite depressed piece – and i’m a lucky boy now. heh… also new massage on its way. to sum up: feeling dizzy – but not in an unpleasant way :)


i’ve baked a cake :) also lot of other work at home… seems that isolate link has increased the traffic a lot. so many strangers visiting this page. hey you, stranger, drop a message, ok? :]

a. riedlová slepičková: africké bubínky lásky african drums of love. so full of emotions. and very true. i'm happy i can read it... thanks katka :)


this page… yep – on isolate. wow :) thanks ;)
but… i’ve got someone completly else in my head :) i hug you too :))


oh. the radio in my head now playing: the beatles – i feel fine. need i say more?


the army – still not completed successfuly: have to catch more papers about some imiginary illness. but anyway – i feel a vivid touch of optimism. gotta find some cheap way how to travel to mekka symposium – a meeting of computer freaks from all around the europe – looking forward especially to seeing the goodstuff team. and i surely shouldn’t forgot about another cool news: luka will come to brno in the end of may! today i’ve been working on materials for tamto and there’s also next lesson of creative writing. a great day indeed.
haven’t mentioned it? i’ve made myself a cd with all massages till now. and you know what? 1] it rocks :) 2] it’s more than 24 hours of music!!!


this is my sister’s day… merry days before us, spring is here… tonite should be smash’s massage out. in brand new potzkoten’s „asci design for specials“. more work on adapting bulgakov’s page to new knihomolna design.

omie – the strange city a delicious site (especially check the photos section) of sergey maximov, russian webdesigner and artist

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