vyloveno z archívu XI. (anglický blog 2004-5)

25/12/2005 skylined.org has had some difficulties, and so i lost all blog entries between march and december… ehm. that is actually two of them. still, they were stored in yahoo cache, so i put back the one about czechtek too bad the demonstrations just did not work, our prime minister is more popular than ever, having very good chances to create a government supplied by communist party after next year elections; the police guys kicking people in faces and beating pregnant girls were found innocent… so i guess next year it means open war. it is christmas and i’m caught … Celý článek

vyloveno z archívu X. (7-12/2003)

29/12 well, we have the ‚meanwhile‘ between xmas and new year’s eve and i must say it all worked out well in a better way i have supposed. i was eating & sleeping, doing really nothing (that’s actually quite stupid, cause i have to do it now). i enjoyed my parents‘ connection (spending whole xmas on soulseek and icq? and why not?), joined the crowd for the midnight mass, then a drink with tomáš and jana (it’s a tradition) and overally just cruised thru my holidays. i wrote an article about net art for konec konců, will put it online … Celý článek

vyloveno z archívu IX. (1-6/2003)

26/06 now you see me, now you don’t. i’m in ljubljana, sitting at kyberpipa, cosy „everything’s-for-free“ net cafe. alone. life is strange. i feel a bit sick, but the weather is nice and tonite i will feel the sea breeze. 24/06 i was quite sceptical – but it’s here: tommorow leaving for the seaside with my beloved :) see you later! panjabi mc: the album prielom #20 23/06 well, it all keeps on changing, but on the other hand – could be worse. on wednesday it’s exactly 100 years since the birth of george orwell, will provide an update on … Celý článek

vyloveno z archívu VIII. (9-12/2002)

26/12 perhaps it’s due to the xmas time: czech tv brought us some czech films that has co-produced some time ago. it was kytice – a visually stunning movie, but probably no chance to understand it if you didn’t read the poems (it’s based on a classical czech book). and then i’ve seen today babí léto. a wonderful piece: it’s about being still young and crazy in age of 76 :) (here some english info). not enough good news. my all time favourite musician jacek ‚falcon‘ dojwa get together with dj patricia and their co-project named husky is doing really … Celý článek

vyloveno z archívu VII. (5-8/2002)

26/08 thinking about going to spain for couple of weeks in september. would be useful to earn some money once again :] but before that i should finish some stuff – today i completed the baltics diary, now it’s time to make a secent page, get some comments from the rest of the team and to (oh my god!) translate it for the english version (i’m already afraid of it!!!). i should also make something for my bachelor degree work. enjoy the sun, have a good time :) and btw. – if you have a chance, see the russian film … Celý článek

vyloveno z archívu VI. (1-4/2002)

26/04 being astonished by david lynch’s twin peaks. on tuesday i’ve seen the third part and it’s awesome! luka proposed me that he’ll work out an engine for this blog so it’ll be much easier to paste new comments. looking forward to it :) also waiting for 1st may – there is going to be demonstration of right-wing radicals and anti-demonstration made by anarchists and anti-fascist. seems that some fight is to be supposed. it’ll be good to make a report or so… also two other projects moved smoothly to next phase. too bad the situation in school is not … Celý článek

vyloveno z archívu V. (4Q 2001)

29/12 so this is post-xmas time. plans for new year, writing an essay about orwell’s 1984, eating sweets and having a good time overally. but still there are some sorrows… today i met regis+sarken – really a superb evening: good tea and awesome confab – there are some damn interesting concepts to think about :) another interesting fact: remember bobos? the english book that started it all is now availible in czech! keep an eye on it as this seems to be an interesting topic… will write about it more soon. also preparing next issue of music massage. the biggest … Celý článek

vyloveno z archívu IV. (3Q 2001)

27/09 so it seems! (hehe… a name of mentz’s song released some time ago on tdr.) amyway, what has happened last week? on sunday an interesting ecumenic service – five protestant groups together. on monday i met again friends from international studies – and in the evening katka arrived, all because of the … hm. i lack the word: when you begin another school year, you obtain a record into your papers certifying you have accomplished everything you had to last year. got it? hope so :) on tuesday i went with danny, azalin and others to alterna club: there … Celý článek

vyloveno z archívu III. (2Q 2001)

20/06 lots of stuff piled up. i’m currently working on next las emissions, i’ve posted a review of krii’s supa track angel on goodstuff, there’s a massage special made by sml/fuzzion (breathtaking design, celtic/medieval/fantasy style). as for the school: public press exam done successfully (A). european integration done (E). but theories of international relations – failed :( mr. linklater sucks major imho ;) congratulations to all my friends who are from now on university students :) also my mum has become a regular student (tho it’s the ‚distant‘ study, or how shall i call it) of religion studies. yesterday i’ve … Celý článek

vyloveno z archívu II. (1Q 2001)

31/03 bad bad news: my favourite radio jih (radio south) was sold. the new owners want the radio to be far more commercial. that also means: show of peter pea called progresso is closed… oh damn, i feel nostalgic – in this show (in those days yet called „club overground“) laid the roots to rachot and without rachot there would be no music massage, no goodstuff… so that easter ’99 live trackers special was a break point in my life… ;) i mean it. bye piwas, and good luck in the ‚new‘ radio. kick their stoopis asses ;] also check … Celý článek

vyloveno z archívu I. (2000)

29/12 the whole country is going mad because of our public tv. bullshit. i think people should start to care about more important things. and sooner. on the contrary: a very good news: yesterday i’ve recieved kfmf y2k edition. that means maybe a thousand of modules! ooops :) i have so many books (and good ones) – but no time to read it all… not to forget: seems that since i started to think about closing, massage is going more popular than ever – i’ve got six people willing to do their specials! and now: it’s time to say good … Celý článek